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  Will renamed balanced funds become less attractive?
Reliance RSF Balanced Fund is on a roll this year – notching up a top decile performance in the highest selling Balanced Funds category. Himanshu points out that the fund is the only one in its category with a CPR 1 ranking – indicative of consistent returns over time.

Does this ELSS champion deserve more distributor mindshare?
Strong and consistent performance over the last 5 years. Proven equity capabilities of the fund house across equity funds. Newly introduced half yearly dividend option as an added attraction. Does the Principal Tax Savings Fund perhaps deserve higher distributor mindshare than what its current AuM reflects?

  First-of-its-kind thematic fund targets huge opportunity
Affordable housing is among the highest priorities for this Government ? and for good reason, since housing touches more sectors and creates more jobs than any other commercial activity. HDFC ? a brand synonymous with housing - now introduces a thematic fund focusing on the hugely promising housing theme.

Right fund in the right theme at the right time
HDFC Infrastructure Fund remained a pure infra play through the rough times in CY15 and CY16 when infra asset creators and financers underperformed. Remaining true to label is now paying off, with the Government’s recent announcements around highways and bank recap likely to provide a big fillip to infra asset creators and financers.

  Top decile performer in large cap category
Getting ranked among the top 10% in a category that has more than 120 funds means beating more than 100 peers – that’s no mean achievement indeed. Unswayed by current momentum in PSU bank and infra stocks driven by Government announcements, Jinesh continues to focus on high quality businesses that are playing the structural growth opportunity, and continues to be wary of highly cyclical and highly regulated businesses.

Market share migration is the big theme
A central theme driving Anup’s stock picks in the SBI Magnum Multicap Fund is market share migration: from unorganized sector to organized sector; from PSU banks to private banks and NBFCs and from weaker hands to strong leaders in telecom. His bets seem to be paying off, as his fund seems set to post yet another calendar year of healthy alpha and strong performance vs peers.

  Racing ahead of the pack with a 15% alpha
BNP Paribas’ Dividend Yield Fund is racing ahead of the multicap funds pack this year with a solid 15% alpha on a YTD CY17 basis. Anand and his team’s stock picking skills are once again in focus, as some of their thematic insights ahead of the market continue to contribute to handsome alpha generation.

Don’t chase momentum in a liquidity driven market
A multi-cap approach with 65% in large caps, a well diversified portfolio with 60 stocks and sharp focus on bottom-up stock picking with a GARP philosophy are the factors Harsha believes are contributing to Kotak Opportunities Fund’s consistent performance.

  PSU banks perpetual bonds offer deep value
HDFC’s Equity Savings Fund, with a little less than 2 years of track record in its new avatar, is being noticed by advisors for its sound performance, led by astute stock and bond picking. A GARP orientation with no cap or style bias on the equity side along with a sharp focus on picking bonds with deep value, are enabling the fund to deliver what investors expect from this segment of funds – consistent and steady performance, with a potential to outperform debt and deliver inflation beating returns over market cycles.

Well positioned for a cyclical recovery
L&T Business Cycles Fund is uniquely positioned in that it changes colour in keeping with the phases of business cycles: cyclicals in the early stages of a business cycle, moving into defensives as the cycle matures. The last couple of years ought to have been challenging for the fund – it positioned itself for an economic recovery which has proved elusive thus far – but to its credit, the fund has posted healthy performance despite this.

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