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  Retirement ke pehle bhi, aur baad bhi
Tata Retirement Savings Suite of funds offer a truly comprehensive retirement solution – before and after retirement. There’s an automated life stages linked asset allocation that progressively reduces the equity component as age approaches retirement and upon retirement, there’s also an automated SWP on monthly/quarterly payout options that can be triggered to generate regular cashflows from the accumulated corpus.

The next potential outperformer
I Pru’s presentation on its Top100 Fund bills it as “The Next Potential Outperformer”, and Naren helps us understand why he believes so. The fund’s skew towards large caps – which he believes look relatively more attractive than mid and small caps, its conviction based contra call on telecom and its bets on the infra space which Naren sees creating wealth in the next 3-5 years, give him the confidence to believe that this fund can indeed be the next potential outperformer.

  Time to shift gears on earnings outlook
Its time to shift gears from a near term earnings outlook (which has been the focus in recent years) to a strategic and longer term earnings outlook on sectors and stocks to fully capture earnings potential and returns potential in the coming years.

Unique midcap strategy delivers robust performance
70% of L&T Midcap Fund's portfolio invested in scalable moats at a reasonable price and 30% in deep value stocks in the midcaps space: a hybrid between quality GARP and value. Unique combination enables fund to perform in growth as well as value cycles.

  Bouncing back to top of the league table
After a string of Y-o-Y top quartile performances, BNP Paribas Equity Fund had a terrible CY16, but has bounced back very sharply in YTD CY17. Anand candidly takes us through what caused the performance slump, where he took corrective action, where he decided none was required and one key lesson learnt from the events of 2016.

Betting big on insurance plays to maintain its winning ways
Siddharth believes the performance divergence between mid and large caps is set for a mean reversion on the back of expected earnings momentum in the large caps space. He is betting big on financials – and within this, on the insurance sector, which he believes is set for multi decade growth ahead

  Large caps in a structural bull market? Think again.
Large caps usually outperform in bear markets while midcaps deliver better returns in structural bull markets. Canara Robeco believes we are in a structural bull market now.

High P/E stocks will no longer lead the market
After 7 strong years of alpha generation, Tata Balanced Fund had a muted CY16, as it sought to reposition its portfolio in light of a change in market leadership. Pradeep believes market leadership has changed from high P/E stocks to GARP – growth at a reasonable price.

  Two features make this a good choice for conservative equity investors
The Tata Equity P/E Fund follows a value investing approach, with a mandate to invest at least 70% of its portfolio in stocks with P/Es that are lower than market averages. Added to this are a couple of dividend payout trigger options that are designed to pay out gains regularly to investors who like seeing regular returns coming in from their equity investments. A conservative investment approach coupled with the trigger options make this fund a good option for conservative equity investors.

This fund specializes in turnaround picks
Invesco India Contra Fund is quite different from most diversified equity funds in that it focuses its attention on picking turnaround stories as a key component of its contrarian stance towards stock selection. An economy that’s emerging out of a prolonged slow growth phase should offer rich pickings for such a strategy, and Amit takes us through how he is steering this unique fund to make the most of such opportunities going forward.

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