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  Bucking the large cap alpha squeeze trend
In sharp contrast to Ambit Capital’s recent report which talks of vanishing alpha in large cap funds, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip has in the same time period, delivered a healthy 4.8% alpha, and Naren remains confident of the fund’s ability to continue delivering alpha across market cycles

We are at 25% cash in the fund now
Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund uses cash allocations to fine tune equity exposure in response to market valuations and yield gap, thus lending stability in times of overvaluation while getting fully allocated to equity when valuations warrant. Currently, the fund is running with 25% cash allocation – up from the 15% levels of early 2017.

  Value conscious all weather equity winner
Tata Equity P/E Fund (no, its not an asset allocation fund – it is a fund that is mandated to have 70% of its portfolio in stocks having lower P/E than the market) has been posting healthy alpha year on year – irrespective of whether value or growth styles are in vogue.

Can this fund become the next large cap leader?
The large cap space is the biggest equity fund category and thus witnesses the keenest competition among fund houses. Getting into a top decile performance on a YTD17 basis is no mean achievement in this context. The question is whether Reliance Top 200 can sustain this outperformance to grow into becoming one of the leaders in the large caps space, as the firm clearly believes it can.

  New fund manager engineers sharp performance turnaround
Rahul Baijal, who has come into Sundaram Mutual in a large cap specialist role, is engineering a sharp turnaround in Sundaram Select Focus, through a combination of high conviction sectoral calls, opportunistic contrarian calls and astute stock picking.

Industry’s most consistently outperforming diversified equity fund
L&T India Value Fund occupies the No.1 slot in WF’s Performance Consistency Report in the diversified equity funds category over a 5 year period – this is a report that measures outperformance vs peers Y-o-Y to determine the most consistent outperformer. While that is no mean achievement in itself, could it be that value is now giving way to growth as the cyclical recovery takes root?

  This balanced fund outperformed Nifty 100% of times
On a 3 year rolling return basis, ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund outperformed Nifty 100% of the times since Apr 2012, and on 74% of these occasions, it returned over 12%. This, complemented with a Y-o-Y alpha generation record has made it an advisor favourite in recent years.

Small is beautiful for this champion balanced fund
Strong alpha, top quartile performance, and an AuM growth that has only just started to do justice to its track record. That’s in short the story of Principal Balanced Fund – once ignored, but now increasingly coming into advisors’ radar on the back of consistently strong performance.

  18.18% 10 yr CAGR from this midcap champion fund
10 years of strong alpha and peer group performance result in an impressive 18.18% 10 yr CAGR return for the Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund vs 13.27% for the midcap index and 7.95% for the broad market

Buying growth at a premium better than focusing only on valuation
At a time when DSP BlackRock Equity Fund commemorates its 20th anniversary, Atul is busy shifting gears to deliver higher alpha. He believes in the current environment, buying growth at a premium is better than focusing only on optically cheap valuations of slow growth businesses, and has realigned the portfolio accordingly.

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