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  For me, Roopa is my “Lakshmi”
FIFA’s annual conference had many very insightful segments – one of which focused on the need to build truly win-win partnerships that lay strong foundations for business success for IFAs. One of the most important partnerships in this context is the one between the advisor and the investor. There can be no better example of this partnership than the video testimonial that Roopa Venkatakrishnan’s client for over 15 years recorded for this event – a testimonial where he calls Roopa his family’s Lakshmi.

A trip to Lonavala
Mukesh Dedhia shares very valuable investor insights on risk management in a completely different and novel manner.

  Can IFAs use this to acquire HNI clients?
Citadelle – the hot new wealth platform that is creating a buzz in private wealth circles, is launching a new proposition that offers IFAs an interesting opportunity to acquire HNI clients – especially those who may be dissatisfied with frequent churn and sub-optimal performance of their mutual fund portfolios.

Let’s stop selling schemes & start selling solutions
Mr. Bond has been a vocal supporter of a valuation sensitive approach towards equity investing, and the use of products that embed such strategies. He takes this thought forward in this piece, with a strong focus on how to use such products as need based solutions for a variety of needs from wealth creation to preservation to income generation.

  Lets all talk about only 2 things with investors
Mr. Bond says its time we sharpen our focus of investor communication to two key messages: (1) the rule of 30-30 and (2) the rule of 72.

Dear AMCs, please adopt this best practice
Sandeep Gandhi, Rajkot, believes that transaction confirmations for distributor initiated online transactions must be through fund house call backs, which are the most convenient of all methods used by the industry

  Property vs equity funds vs gold : a must read for every advisor
Jaydeep Kashikar takes us through how he manged to effectively convince every one of the 200+ families whom he advises, that equity funds are indeed a superior investment compared with property and gold.

Mr.Bond’s wisdom – distilled into a book
In recent months, Sunil Jhaveri's investor sessions have become very popular, given his knack of thinking away from the herd. Spurred by the positive feedback from investors, Sunil decided to write a book that distils the wisdom of what he shares in his investor sessions – to enable him to reach out to many more investors.

  Is financial planning really the best retail solution?
Ashish and Manish Goel of Vista Wealth, Delhi, challenge the notion that financial planning is the best retail solution, after having seen how a goal based approach is actually being implemented in the market

10 things I hate about salesmen
There are many ways to learn about how to become a better salesperson. Vikash Agarwal, DNS Wealth, Rourkela says a very effective way is to ask yourself what you hate about salesmen who approach you every day to sell you something and ask yourself whether you too are guilty of any of these practices.

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