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  Who says equity is risky?
One of the biggest myths around investments is that equity is risky and only debt is safe. This one myth prevents millions of savers from becoming successful investors. This one myth comes in the way of our industry becoming 10 times larger than it is. And this is one myth that all of us have a responsibility to bust effectively whenever we engage with investors, through any medium.

Acche din aa gaye kya?
Leading IFAs from across India have given their verdict on the Budget: 7.5/10. No change in LTCG on equities, no increase in service tax on commissions, reduction in corporate tax for small companies to 25% - these are seen as the key positives.

  Why can’t we admit the truth for once?
The issue of commissions causing conflict of interest and the regulator’s continuous efforts to tinker with regulations around this, is now 8 years old. Bagariaji says its time for us to first admit the truth – that there does exist a conflict of interest situation. He shares a very interesting perspective on the actual source of this conflict of interest, and from there, leads to an alternative solution that can potentially address the conflict of interest issue while protecting business viability of distributors

Time for commissions to be regulated
Bagariaji identifies two core issues that are causing repeated regulatory upheavals for distributors and suggests what some may see as radical measures to effectively address these core issues as well as preserve business viability of distribution models.

  We need evidence based, not perception based regulations
FIFA, which now represents IFAs from 120 cities across India, is gearing up to engage with the regulator on its proposed consultation paper on the RIA regulations – a paper which will likely have a far reaching impact on business models across MF distribution, including IFAs. Dhruv believes it is time we move away from a perception based regulatory environment to an evidence based one – where rules are made and changed based on clear evidence of the need for change, not merely a perception of a need for change.

Are we guilty of mis-selling these funds?
There are heightened conversations these days on monthly and quarterly dividends from equity oriented funds including balanced funds.

  Indian TERs are in fact among the lowest
In response to Morningstar’s report of 2015 which concluded that Indian mutual funds are among the most expensive in the world, FIFA has produced an incisive analysis that rebuts this conclusion and establishes that if you compare apples with apples, Indian mutual funds are actually among the cheapest in the world.

The Future of Money
Internet enabled disintermediation is causing disruptions in many established business and economic models around the world – and has now reached the very foundations of modern financial markets – money. Dilshad Billimoria, Bangalore, takes us into the fascinating world of bitcoins.

  Finally, a truly united response to SEBI on commission disclosure
The United Forum – which comprises 32 IFA associations along with FIAI – which represents the interests of national distributors and banks – together submitted a comprehensive, well researched and well articulated response to AMFI on SEBI’s circular on commission disclosures

Mr. Nathan, you are misrepresenting distributors
Narendra Nathan of ET tweeted his view saying distributors may be a vanishing tribe, which follows an article he penned earlier, titled “MF distributors behaving like angry birds” Mr. Bond has taken strong exception to Mr. Nathan’s rather disparaging views of the distribution fraternity, and wrote this letter to Mr. Bodhisatva Ganguli, ET’s editor, to bring to his notice where this writer has erred, by coming to conclusions that are not really supported by facts.

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