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  Deepesh’s 12 tips for success as a financial advisor
Deepesh follows up his previous article on WF where he shared a useful checklist to strengthen client engagement, with a more comprehensive piece this time, where he shares 12 recipes for success as a financial advisor – tips that he has been personally implementing in his firm Grow Wealth.

Bounceback champion’s message to IFAs
Sunil Jhaveri takes us through our journey – the journey that all IFAs have traversed since 2009 (since regulatory focus sharpened on MF distribution). His message is simple: through all the regulatory change, markets have grown, the industry has grown and investor inflows have kept increasing. Those who focused on business, grew with their clients and with markets. Those who got distracted by worries over regulatory change, lost market share.

  From hero to zero and back to hero
Sunil Jhaveri shares his inspirational journey from hero to zero and back to hero. His corporate advisory business ground to a sudden halt in 2013, with the advent of direct plans. From hero to zero overnight. To his immense credit, he reinvented himself, channelized his advisory competencies into newer market niches, and has today built up a revenue stream and industry credibility that far exceeds his earlier avatar.

Important message for all advisors
Raj Talati recently conducted an IFA workshop for VIFAA – Vadodara’s IFA Association, in which he played a 4 minute audio clip at the beginning of his session. In RJ Naved style, Raj highlights the responsibility that every IFA shoulders, of making their clients’ dreams and aspirations turn into a happy reality rather than a bad nightmare.

  Mr IFA: Stop reacting. Start responding.
In this hard hitting piece, Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, draws inspiration from the Darwanian theory of survival of the fittest to draw an important message for IFAs, many of whom are grappling with change that is being thrust on them by regulations and market forces

Annual cost : US$ 59. Value : Immense
One of India’s most successful and most recognised financial planners, Lovaii Navlakhi takes us through how he and less than 50 CFPs in India are benefiting tangibly from being FPA members, and why they unhesitatingly and readily pay the annual membership fee of US$ 59.

  If you are serious about financial planning, you gotta be here
Uday Dhoot invites you to attend the annual event of CoFP on June 13th, which promises a rich agenda of great insights from practitioners from India and the world.

2 smart decisions and 2 not-so-smart ones
Abhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata shares candid thoughts on his 2 smart decisions that powered the success of his firm as well as 2 not-so-smart decisions that he rues

  Follow these 4 steps and nothing can go wrong for us
Follow these 4 steps and nothing can go wrong for us, asserts Tarun Birani, TBNG Capital Advisors, Mumbai, as he discusses how he has steadily built up his successful advisory practice.

This young man is the future of rural financial advice
This young man is the future of rural financial advice - check out the amazing story of Nitin Sawant, Vita - Sangli district, Maharashtra

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