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  The most important thing for an IFA to do
You don’t build large businesses by spending most of your time in service and operations. Delegate that, create more time to meet clients and go out proactively and meet as many clients and prospects as you can. Your job is to sell, your team’s job is to serve.

9 points to convince clients about staying back
Some uncomfortable client conversations have begun after commission disclosure in CAS statements have been enforced, and it is reasonable to assume that such conversations may increase in the coming months. The alternative of cheaper direct plans almost always crops up in such conversations.

  Is ELSS really better than PPF for 80C?
Its tax saving season and fund distributors and fund houses are busy demonstrating lots of facts and figures to justify why ELSS funds are a better option than PPF for investing with Sec 80C benefits. The straight talking Brijesh however asks us to think carefully before rushing to this conclusion for all investors.

The Power of Compounding – for IFAs
Brijesh makes a very important point: as advisors, we keep educating clients on the power of compounding; but have we reflected on how the same concept is so applicable for our own businesses as well?

  6 golden rules to make your business regulation proof
Distributors once again find themselves at a crossroads, their revenue and business models are once again going to see significant change consequent to another round of regulatory change. It’s a story that’s been playing out since 2009, and now seems to be moving into an even more challenging phase, with SEBI’s RIA consultative paper suggesting radical change. How does one build a business model that is truly regulation proof?

Indian market is not ready for an RIA model
Brijesh believes the Indian market is simply not ready for a fee-based RIA oriented intermediation model, which is what seems to be on SEBI’s mind. This is the time for all IFAs to come together on a single platform to engage with the regulator to help arrive at a practical way forward.

  Who is a loyal client and how do you attract one?
Continuing with his series of short educational videos on practice management tips for IFAs, Brijesh defines in this video the characteristics of a “loyal” client and what it takes to create a set of loyal clients who you can grow with over your professional career.

The hype, the reality and the dual play
Straight talking Brijesh Dalmia is back – with his take on topical industry issues ranging from the question on reduction/elimination of trail commissions, disclosure of commissions and salaries and growth of direct plans.

  Ultimate formula for growth
In the 7th edition of his Masterstroke series, Brijesh shares a simple but highly focused growth strategy for IFAs. Work on this strategy month after month, and Brijesh says you will be on your way to doubling your AuM every 2 and a half years!

Secret of success in retail fund distribution business
In the 6th edition of his Masterstroke series of IFA education videos, Brijesh discusses what it takes to succeed in retail fund distribution – a business that many IFAs write off as unviable.

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