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  This distributor portal enables comprehensive financial planning
HDFC AMC has launched its distributor portal which goes beyond enabling transactions and providing business MI – it offers a comprehensive financial planning module for all distribution partners, which they can use to strengthen client engagement.

A new, inclusive IFA loyalty program
SBI MF’s new distributor loyalty program doesn’t just recognize and reward large IFAs – it makes a sincere attempt at rewarding SIP focused IFAs who may not feature high in the AuM league tables, and also new IFAs who get left out of most loyalty programs.

  Perfectly timed sales idea to expand your retail business
As a retail distributor, you have a long list of “B” and “C” category clients who you typically engage with only once a year – maybe for their tax investments. You now have a great opportunity to engage with them and deepen your relationship with them, with a solution that has suddenly become even more relevant, post demonetization.

Working with this distributor was an enlightening experience for our fund house
The initial years that Union AMC spent working closely with Union Bank of India was a new and enlightening experience for the fund house, says Saurabh, as they went deeper into non metro markets and created thousands of first time MF investors. The extent of the untapped market opportunity for the industry could not have hit home more clearly.

  An industry-first crowdsourcing initiative among distributors
SBI MF has come up with an innovative and engaging way of delivering a powerful message – that it remains committed to building and nurturing partnerships with its distributors. Rather than handing out calendars at the beginning of the year as is customary, SBI MF has invited all its distributors to partner in co-creating the 2017 SBI MF calendar.

Setting new benchmarks in distributor engagement
There’s a lot of hard work that has gone into the giant strides that BSL AMC has made in recent years to strengthen distributor engagement, and emerge a leader. Sidharth takes us through some of the new paradigms that his team has successfully implemented to set new benchmarks in distributor engagement.

  Need money? Sirf 2 minute!
Sirf 2 minute! A phrase that caught the nation’s imagination and created a new snack category in the country – instant noodles. That’s the power of instant solutions. That could well be the power of instant redemptions – a facility that can create a new category of smart savings solutions in a country of savers. Aditi takes us through a great new feature in IFAXpress – Instant Redemptions – which promises credit of redemption proceeds into your clients’ bank accounts in less than 2 minutes.

We shared GEM with 1200 key IFAs
Good performance catches an advisor’s eye, but good performance that is consistent and is backed by a well-articulated process is what builds advisor confidence. That’s what got Ankur and L&T MF’s investment team to go out and conduct a series of roadshows where they engaged 1200 key IFAs from across the country

  30,000 investors sign up in a single event
Kotak MF in association with ET NOW, organised the first ever SIP Day on 26th August 2016. Kaiyomurz takes us though this hugely successful initiative in Mumbai, which saw nearly 30,000 investors pledging to invest via SIPs.

Rs. 25,000 crore business opportunity starting today
The 7th Pay Commission payouts are now flowing into beneficiaries’ accounts from the August 2016 payroll cycle – that’s from today. Over this fiscal, the incremental inflow into these employees’ bank accounts is estimated at Rs. 25,000 crores, while the total cost to the exchequer including pension and retirement benefits is pegged at Rs. 1.02 lakh crores.

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