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  Invest in Rising Bharat
ICICI Prudential’s Value Fund – Series 19 – a closed ended fund - aims to invest in 3 key themes – Build Bharat, Financing Bharat and Rural Bharat – themes that are at the heart of the Government’s structural reforms initiatives.

5 big messages from an ace Global Economist
Dr Bob Baur shares his views on the US equity market, on the current commodities bull run, on emerging markets, on global leverage and on the road ahead for the Indian economy and markets.

  An insider's perspective on AIFs
Compared to a PMS or a mutual fund, what makes AIFs stand apart? What are the advantages? What are some of misconceptions that IFAs have about this product which is often seen as complex and only for high net worth individuals? Praveen Ladia at Motilal Oswal AMC answers some of these questions and offers his perspective on AIFs and what sets them apart from portfolio management services and mutual funds.

Great insights from a market veteran
The economy is in a constant flux and that is reflected in the stock market. During periods of volatility and fluctuations, investors can panic and wonder if they have invested wisely. Sundaram outlines what investors should be considering before they invest and the investment philosophy behind equity PMS at DHFL Pramerica

  Investment process demonstrated in a single screen
Tushar observes that while it is fashionable for fund houses to say they are process oriented, in many cases, articulation is vague and adherence is therefore patchy. HSBC’s globally adopted PB/RoE framework stands out in sharp contrast – there is not only clear articulation but also a single live interactive screen for every fund which vividly demonstrates implementation of their process.

Dynamic wealth creator delivers 23x in 15 years @ 24% CAGR
ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan completes 15 great years of wealth creation – a period in which investor wealth grew by 23x, at a huge 24% CAGR. The biggest lesson Naren says his team imbibed in this eventful 15 years journey, is that markets are truly dynamic – gyrating from extreme pessimism to extreme optimism and vice-versa.

  An unexploited retiral income solution
Dwijendra firmly believes we in the industry are not adequately exploiting a good retiral income solution. He argues that if you were to invest into long term income funds with a 10 yr view and set up SWPs for retirement income, you will give your retired clients healthy tax efficient monthly cash flow, complete peace of mind on safety of capital (especially when they hold for the long term), and clients can also look forward to some capital gains in addition to current accrual income over the long term as India gradually transitions towards a low inflation, low real rate economy.

India growth story available at a discount this week
22 PSU and SUUTI stocks across 6 diverse sectors including financials, energy, materials, FMCG, industrials and utilities. Focused play on the India growth story. 3% discount at NFO and an annual expense ratio of less than 0.01% p.a. Earnings growth projection stronger than market with a PE ratio that’s lower. That’s quite an interesting proposition that Raghav and Team ICICI Pru have lined up this week with the launch of Bharat 22 ETF.

  New data questions our notions on large and midcaps
For years, we have positioned mid and small caps as “catch them young before they become tomorrow’s large caps”. Axis MF’s research suggests that the migration across cap sizes is more the exception rather than the rule, which reinforces their conviction in differentiating between good vs bad rather than big vs small.

Diversification + Appreciation + Tax Free Income
ICICI Prudential’s Multi-Manager Classic Dividend Plan is tailored for investors who want it all: diversification + appreciation + tax free income. Diversification across equity categories and styles is achieved through 3 pre-selected plans of 4 funds each that investors can choose from.

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