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  Show your parents that you care
For children of senior citizen parents who wish to support them financially, UTI MF has come up with a very convenient facility called the UTI Family Facility, where you can invest on their behalf and set up an SWP that goes directly into their bank account every month.

Making sense of the midcap madness
Midcap index at 31x and Smallcap indes at 68x : clearly bubble zone valuations calling for proactive exits or is there a case to remain invested in this space despite these benchmark valuations? One of India’s most experienced experts in the mid and small caps spaces, Sunil Singhania helps us understand what’s really happening in the mid and small caps spaces, and more importantly, how to take a decision on staying invested or exiting from funds in this space.

  Get ready for a rise, not fall in bond yields
Sivakumar believes that upside risk to inflation and large pace of new issuances could mean that bond yields can rise in the next few months, rather than fall, as many expect

Balancing concentration with pedigree
Concentrated portfolios have the potential to deliver higher alpha, however carry a higher risk perception too. One way to balance this out is to create a high conviction, focused portfolio, but predominantly with large established businesses with a long term track record. That’s the thought behind the structuring of Union AMC’s new Focussed Largecap Fund.

  Has retail debt AuM grown post demonetization?
Post demonetization, retail debt AuM has grown by 8%, and this figure is likely to look better by fiscal end, when interest in double indexation FMPs peaks. Retail debt AuM has already grown 27% this financial year – before factoring in March year end numbers.

Ideal allocation: 70% multicaps, 30% midcap funds
Neelesh believes an ideal equity allocation now will be 70% in multicap funds and 30% in midcap funds. The midcap universe is 5 times bigger than large caps – which offers greater stock picking opportunities even when segment valuations appear stretched

  48x fund growth vs 7x for market: that’s some alpha!
19.19% vs 9.23% over last 22 years sounds impressive enough in terms of alpha generation. Put it in absolute numbers, and it becomes a staggering 48x vs 7x. That’s the kind of wealth creation that HDFC Equity Fund has delivered over the last 22 years of its phenomenal history. And, as this open letter from Kiran and the appended presentation show, it has already taken fresh guard and is fully prepared for the next big cycle that the fund house sees playing out over the next 5-7 years.

Theme that stands out now: Organizing India
Taher has moved from steering the equity ship of one process oriented fund house (Motilal Oswal) to another (Invesco). He believes the theme that stands out now in the market is “Organizing India” – aided by the upcoming GST implementation and wittingly or unwittingly by demonetization

  2 reasons why fixed income looks attractive now
In the last 3 years, whenever real rates have gone up, it has been an opportunity to invest in fixed income. We have one such opportunity now. Never before has the target inflation differential between US (2%) and India (4%) been as low – there is a strong case for spread compression and therefore for yields to come off in India over time.

Truly putting the investors’ interests first
Aditi takes us through the thinking that went into the tough decision to stop inflows into DSP BlackRock’s best-selling MicroCap Fund – an example of truly putting investors’ interests first

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