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  Right prescription for a happy retired life
The title perhaps doesn’t do full justice to the proposition - it can indeed be a compelling solution for retirees, but it fits in just as well for first time equity investors, and for those who are wary about market levels but also fear missing out on the action.

Accrual funds concerns: a case of “grapes are sour”
Lakshmi’s position that inflation concerns were overstated now stands vindicated, with RBI making a U-turn on inflation guidance in barely two months. Speaking about renewed concerns on accrual funds due to recent high profile credit downgrades, she believes these concerns are really a case of “grapes are sour” - check out why!

  Caveat Creditor: let the lender beware
Sivakumar meticulously stayed away from lower risk corporate credits in recent years – a call that has clearly paid off well – but when news headlines are again filled with high profile downgrades, he is making a clear case for stepping up allocations to lower risk credits rather than running for cover. Sounds odd?

A truly unsung hero
SIP has become a mantra for savers across the country, thanks to concerted efforts of fund houses and distributors. SWP however remains an unsung hero – a proposition that has the power to mobilize huge retirement corpuses away from bank FDs. Ashok makes a case for stepping up our collective efforts in promoting SWPs as tax efficient cash flow solutions, just like we did for SIPs as savings options.

  Life at Sensex 31k: musings of an ace CIO
Sensex at 31k is certainly not cheap - Naren muses life at 31k and offers valuable inputs to advisors on a prudent way to guide clients' equity investments at this stage.

This category can become as large as equity AuM in 5 years
Manish believes the track record of dynamic asset allocation funds in managing volatility and yet capturing most of the equity upside, coupled with investors’ low appetite for volatility means that the category of dynamic asset allocation funds has the potential to grow over the next 5 years to the level that pure equity funds have reached today.

  This strategy is creating many happy investors
It’s a strategy that many purists frowned upon a couple of years ago – but the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Sundaram Mutual has, over the last 3 years, launched 13 funds within its Micro Cap closed ended range and is introducing another of this series this month. Closed ended product construct coupled with a very proactive dividend distribution philosophy means that even as investors remained invested through these 3 years, they have received their capital back as dividends for all funds that are more than 3 years old have crossed 100%. How’s that for creating happy investors?

Mandate change to align with change in market view
Nagarajan Murthy believes interest rates have bottomed out for this cycle and the interest rate trajectory is likely to move up gradually in the medium term. An RBI policy driven change in market view has prompted restructuring of the Tata Corporate Bond Fund, to capitalize on accruals from rising corporate bond yields at the short end of the yield curve.

  Show your parents that you care
For children of senior citizen parents who wish to support them financially, UTI MF has come up with a very convenient facility called the UTI Family Facility, where you can invest on their behalf and set up an SWP that goes directly into their bank account every month.

Making sense of the midcap madness
Midcap index at 31x and Smallcap indes at 68x : clearly bubble zone valuations calling for proactive exits or is there a case to remain invested in this space despite these benchmark valuations? One of India’s most experienced experts in the mid and small caps spaces, Sunil Singhania helps us understand what’s really happening in the mid and small caps spaces, and more importantly, how to take a decision on staying invested or exiting from funds in this space.

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