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  Go digital at just one third the cost
Kotak MF’s “Go Digital with Kotak” initiative provides IFAs an opportunity to get a comprehensive digital solution – from back office to website to customer app – at just one third the normal cost.

Have you leveraged India’s best online training program?
Reliance MF’s Edge Academy has won the TISS-LeapVault CLO India Award for 2016, recognising it as the best online training program. Himanshu Vyapak takes us through how you can leverage Edge Academy and give yourself the winning edge.

  The remarkable journey of Jennifer Mendes
From a humble beginning of selling postal RDs to women, Jennifer Mendes, ably supported by her family, can be proud of the fact that she has inculcated the equity investing habit in 2500 Goan families, many of whom would still have remained conservative savers losing the battle against inflation, had it not been for her untiring efforts.

This platform ACTUALLY helps drive sales
Aditi Kothari Desai takes us through a powerful new feature that DSP Blackrock has added into its much appreciated IFAXpress platform, called “Sales Opportunities Feeds”, which can tangibly help in driving your sales efforts.

  This platform raises the bar for the industry
DSP Blackrock has launched IFA Express, its business platform for its distribution partners. DSP Blackrock is certainly not the first – a few large AMCs have active transaction and business support platforms in existence. So why this article? Because, having seen IFA Express and the level of detail that the e-business team at DSP BR have considered in building IFA Express, it seems to me that the bar has now been raised for the fund industry.

Get your learning edge, now on your fingertips
Himanshu Vyapak, Reliance MF, discusses the launch of Edge Academy’s latest initiative: The e-Learning EDGE. A vast array of Edge Academy’s learning content is now available to you – not in a classroom – but literally at your fingertips.

  Here comes a true well wisher
Here comes a true well-wisher - Karan Datta, Axis MF discusses how Shubhchintak can help you change your client conversations and make happy investors

What kind of a goalkeeper are you?
What kind of a goalkeeper are you? Amay Hattangadi and Swanand Kelkar, Morgan Stanley MF share important insights on the value of doing nothing

  Download this free app to enhance your advisory service
Download i-Advice and enhance your advisory service and client engagement, says Ankur Thakore, L&T MF

600,000 happy investors, of which 200,000 are new to MFs
600,000 happy investors, of which 200,000 are new to MFs : Karan Datta shares what team Axis is doing to make their investors happy

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