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  3 diverse views on the industry’s No 1 issue
FinalMile says young investors don’t want to engage with mutual funds – they don’t find them relevant in their lives, and yet the industry is trying hard to engage with exactly this audience. The fund industry is growing strongly, yet its penetration into households remains in low single digits. What is the way forward to make meaningful inroads into the MF industry’s No 1 issue: retail penetration? This was the subject of an engaging panel discussion at FIFA’s recently concluded annual conference. Three diverse views were discussed, by three industry experts. Which one seems the best way forward? Read on and decide for yourself.

70% investors say they will go direct, but....
At the recently concluded FIFA annual conference, FinalMile gave a curtain raiser on the results of their study on investor behaviour – a pioneering exercise initiated by FIFA. The insights from this study are fascinating indeed – especially the responses from investors in “cold state” and “hot state” on whether they will opt for direct plans, when made aware of the difference in costs. And, in this insight, is a very valuable lesson for every MF distributor.

  The best investment your clients can ever make
The 3rd edition of HDFC Charity Fund for Cancer Cure opens on 10th March - don't miss the opportunity of helping your clients invest for the best returns their money can possibly give - saving lives.

Trail commissions are anti-investor
Trail commissions are anti-investor: that’s the conclusion that the Canadian regulator (CSA) has reached in its recent discussion paper where it calls for eliminating embedded commissions in mutual funds, to be substituted by a fee based model. CSA has made 3 points on why it believes trail is anti-investor – which bear careful reflection.

  Only 3 questions for Mr. U K Sinha
As SEBI’s Board gets ready to deliberate and approve the RIA regulations, we urge Mr. Sinha and SEBI’s Board to consider these 3 questions – answers to which may give them some sense of what could be the unintended consequences of the regulations, as currently proposed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fastest of them all?
We present the 3rd annual edition of our “Mirror Report”, which throws a spotlight on AuM growth of all fund houses for the calendar year gone by. This year, we also present a report card for 3 year growth – which covers the momentum period of 2014, 2015 and 2016 – three years in which industry AuM more than doubled from Rs. 8 lakh crores to just under Rs.17 lakh crores.

  FIFA presents hard data to U K Sinha
FIFA has written a very well drafted, comprehensive and fact-based letter to Mr. U K Sinha, urging him to get SEBI to think carefully about the ramifications of going ahead with the proposed changes to the RIA regulations, which it appears, SEBI is keen to push through despite overwhelming concerns raised during the consultation process

SEBI mulls new MF-RIA intermediation model
SEBI is attempting to introduce a new version of RIA, but is not addressing the core issue. The most likely outcome when the new regulations come into force: jugaad.

  We hope you took the advice of these advisors
The headline of an article in ET today says it all: “Sensex wipes off entire gain of 2016 in 8 sessions”. Corrections are always swift and sharp. They don’t give you time to react. If you must act, you have to be proactive about managing corrections – being reactive never works. Wealth Forum was proactive about alerting you to do what you need to, when valuations were stretched. Protecting wealth is just as important as creating wealth – and advisors are increasingly adopting strategies that enable them to do this.

Will SEBI look at the dilemma of these 9642 distributors?
Wealth Forum presents the 2nd annual edition of its New Blood Report which analyses trends in new ARN registrations at a city, state and region level. Trends in new ARN registrations are steadily accelerating year on year at 35% p.a., and has touched 9642 in the 12 month period Oct15 – Sep16.

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