imgbd The Essence of Tarakki

Raghav Iyengar, EVP & Head of Institutional and Retail Business, ICICI Prudential AMC

Tarakki is popularly regarded as meaning "making progress". Textbooks however give this word two distinctive meanings: progress as well as proficiency. At ICICI Prudential AMC, we define Tarakki as "progress through proficiency".

Progress through proficiency

There are many ways to get ahead in life, in business. Some are good, some not so good. Some take a long term view, some focus on the immediate. Our core belief is that in any business or profession, if you wish to build a sustainable model for the long term, there is only one way to do it - that's the tarakki way - by progressing through proficiency.

A lot of what we have been striving to achieve in our business in the last few years is about enhancing the proficiency of every aspect of our business - be it fund management, risk management, customer service, distributor support, product development, marketing, technology. As we keep becoming more proficient in everything we do, we find ourselves able to harness the full potential of growth opportunities that are out there; we find ourselves building scalable, sustainable business models.

Tarakki implies a journey, not a destination

The other key insight around the word "tarakki" is that it reflects a continuous journey and not a destination. Its not about reaching a particular summit, its about always moving forward, continuously making progress. That's the spirit we at ICICI Prudential AMC try to imbibe in the way we work. There is never a limit to proficiency. There is never a limit to progress. Keep enhancing your proficiency, keep working towards moving ahead and you will find your tarakki journey taking you places. Don't let your horizons be limited by the extent of your vision today. Focus on building your business on the planks of proficiency and a hunger to grow. Your tarakki over the years can take you far ahead of what you think is possible today.

On behalf of my team at ICICI Prudential AMC, I wish you Tarakki!

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