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Commission to Distributor on own Investments
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By Viraf, Mumbai, 17551 On 19-Feb-2015
Why can't a Distributor of Mutual Funds get Commission on his own investments in schemes of Mutual Funds? By placing his own money in M F Schemes, he can even project his confidence and conviction to his prospective clients that he himself has also invested in the Scheme - all other things being equal. With Corporate Fixed Deposits, LIC Premiums, GIC Premiums, etc it is rightfully available, then why not here! At least now there are 'Direct' Plans, but his AUM does not increase! Please raise your voice against this gross discrepancy which I feel is an injustice to Distributors

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Posted by Dhananjay Patil on 29-Nov-2017 ARN NO :124606 City :Kolhapur

Posted by Miki on 20-Nov-2017 ARN NO :1 City :Volo
I just want to tell you about

Posted by Ganesh on 24-Jul-2017 ARN NO :111825 City :hyderabad
i agree

Posted by Yateesh Kumar V on 18-Aug-2016 ARN NO :52216 City :Bangalore
NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd. - No commission to partners on their/Self/Own Investment. Ifast - If anyone has information please share. Fundsindia - If anyone has information please share. Prudent - If anyone has information please share. Etc...

Posted by Yateesh Kumar V on 18-Aug-2016 ARN NO :52216 City :Bangalore
Nice Article. Adding 2 more points to this article. <1> Distributor will not get commission on his investment. <2> Sub-broker will not get commission on his investment - Let me elaborate this point. Many ND take advantage of this NON - Exiting rule to trouble the ARN holders. Some ND''s share the commission. Some ND''s don''t share the commission. Lets Make the list who gives commission and who don''t give commission. Please the your experience with NDs regarding the commission on OWN Investment.

Posted by biswaranjan das on 17-Aug-2016 ARN NO :ARN-110400 City :contai
absolutely right, i am 100% with you.

Posted by Krishna Gopal Gupta on 17-Aug-2016 ARN NO :28233 City :Kalyan
I agree.

Posted by Sharad Shah on 14-Dec-2015 ARN NO :ARN-85102 City :Vadodara
I agree.

Posted by NAVNEET MITTAL on 08-Sep-2015 ARN NO :8879 City :SAHARANPUR
Distributors should be paid equivalent brokerage as in case of other investors on own investments as in all financial products. This rule is neither helping distributors nor AMC.

Posted by SANTOSH ROY on 14-Aug-2015 ARN NO :16655 City :MUMBAI
FULLY AGREE. Earlier also I raised this issue. Distributor gets Commission on Life Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Mediclaim Policy of done in his own name, then WHY DENY IN MUTUAL FUND. Further this rules was prevalent when Entry Load was there. It is not now. Further the AMC charges Recurring Expenses, then why deny brokerage. (under Regular Plan). Distributor invests huge money on software, but UNFORTUNATELY HE CAN NOT USE IT FOR HIS OWN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT. Sincere Request to SEBI and AMFI to discard this rule. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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