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DEAA – the guru mantra for successful selling
How well we sell our ideas and our solutions to our clients is what finally determines how successful we become in our business. All of us work hard on perfecting our sales pitch. But we know there cannot be a one-pitch-that-fits all approach to making sales pitches. How then should we figure out what pitch works best for which customer? There is a costly way which is the trial and error way – costly because experience gained from making inappropriate pitches costs us many lost clients, many lost opportunities. There’s a better way to approach this problem – one which leans on a popular psychology lesson on social behavior.

9 essential sales skills
Whether you are a seasoned mutual fund distributor or just getting started in your career in distribution, selling smartly is a must-have skill. Here are nine essential sales skills that every sales person should cultivate

The story of Bharat Mehta’s Mission Wall
In the book, “Selling with noble purpose – How to drive revenue and do work that makes you proud”, author Lisa Earle McLeod encourages salespeople to find a purpose in their profession where the profit is a result and not the actual goal. Her research found that salespeople who sell with a purpose are better performers compared to their peers, while at the same time serving their clients better than peers.

Is a recommended funds list a bad idea?
Advisors like to demonstrate their fund research efforts to prospective clients, by showcasing the result of their intensive quantitative and qualitative research across thousands of schemes – which then gets distilled into a list of recommended funds. From a sales perspective, this may not be as attractive an idea as we would like to believe.

When do customers actually pay for advice?
Do customers pay or not pay for advice? A better question – a more forward-looking question to ask is this: when do customers actually pay? Understanding what makes them pay, when there are cheaper (or free) alternatives, is the key for us in the intermediation business to figure out how we need to model our customer propositions if we want our clients to pay for our advice.

Here’s how Deepesh creates happy investors
Deepesh shares a very interesting insight from the airlines business, which has prompted him to come up with a simple but highly effective checklist which he uses in his client engagement process.

If you have the desire to grow, here is the way to go
If you have the intent to grow your client base significantly, here is a 5 step process that you must adopt to ensure that the intent is translated into reality. In the sales world, this is known as pipeline management.

New age sales mantra: write well – sell well
Selling well was always supposed to be all about striking a fine balance between listening well and speaking well. New age selling has however added a new dimension – writing well.

5 powerful ideas to handle objections successfully
In the second of this two part article, Jigar Parekh shares 5 useful tips to enable you to handle objections effectively and thus boost sales productivity.

In this two part article, Jigar Parekh takes us through how to successfully prepare for and then han
In this two part article, Jigar Parekh takes us through how to successfully prepare for and then handle objections, and thus boost sales productivity

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