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Fund Positioning by Fund House

Canara Robeco Balance aims to generate long term capital appreciation through prudent mix of equity and debt portfolio, making it more suitable for average investors as it takes away the burden of focusing on asset allocation between equity & debt. The fund invests in a careful blend of select stocks and debt securities which effectively spreads the risk

Fund Performance Review by Fund House

Canara Robeco Balance has been the fund which has performed well during the volatile markets. The equity portfolio is biased towards large-cap companies, usually featuring a few value picks from the mid-cap segment. But the fund currently has a higher mid and small-cap exposure as we believe that the valuations are still attractive, on the back of current healthy economic environment. The debt portion is actively managed with the aim to generate alpha. The fund is suitable for investors seeking long term wealth creation opportunity with a time horizon of more than 3 years, as it offers automatic rebalancing by maintaining fixed equity and debt allocations.
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