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Tap this hidden capital to win against robos and direct
This article is about putting a spotlight on one key aspect that advisors should focus on, to conclusively win the battle against robos and direct. This aspect in management jargon is known as structural capital

The intergenerational advisor
Intergenerational transfer of wealth often results in change in stewardship of the wealth – the next generation more often than not does not continue with the same advisor who served the previous generation. That’s not because of competence issues – its more to do with connect issues

Bold new IFA model from North-East
Three successful young IFAs from Guwahati – Pallav Bagaria, Shyam Singhania and Divya Khemka – have decided to join hands and merge their IFA practices into a single company.

Could 60% of your AuM be at risk without you realizing it?
According to a survey conducted by US based Investment News, 66% of children fire their parents’ financial advisors after they inherit their parents’ wealth. State Street Global Advisors’ research suggests that only 38% of investors retain their financial advisor when the spouse dies. This drops further to just 29% retention by children when both parents die.

Is life planning really different from comprehensive financial planning?
Imagine a financial planner asking his client, “How regular are you with your morning walk and how long is a typical walk for you?” Or another question that goes something like this, “What does independence mean to your 20 year old son who is studying in the US?”

First 5 steps for building an advisory team
Before actually getting new advisors on board, you need to create the right framework that will address the key issue of advice consistency, and allow you to grow with confidence. Here are the first 5 steps that you need to take, before you actually take on board more advisors into your firm.

If you have an urge to merge, check this out
The urge to merge has never been stronger. New winds are blowing in the financial advisory profession in India – winds that promise unlocking of value for well managed and scalable practices, through PE investments and listing initiatives.

Finding a growth model that’s right for YOU
Do you have to become a manager and cease to be an advisor, if you want to pursue growth? Not really. There is no right or wrong way to grow. The most important thing is to understand what’s the right way for YOU to grow.

Will you trust a doctor who has never heard of an MRI?
A good advisor must have knowledge and familiarity with cutting edge diagnostics, which help him understand his client better – to enable him to decide what kind of diagnostic he needs to advice each client appropriately

Is your risk profiler 3-D or still uni-dimensional?
A lot of thinking has gone in recently into one of the most underutilized and abused advisory resources – the risk profiler. Modern thinking on risk profilers, backed by studies on efficacy of conventional risk profilers, has now seen the introduction of a three dimensional approach to risk profiling, which now serves as an invaluable advisory tool.

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