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Bust this myth to propel your business with senior citizens
Senior citizens are not very tech savvy. They prefer face-to-face meetings rather than video calls, they prefer phone conversations rather than crisp emails and they prefer on-ground educational sessions rather than social media oriented initiatives. They are, in short, a costlier set of clients to engage with since they don’t readily take to your lower cost, tech enabled scalable new age client engagement models

This new tool is reshaping the financial advisory practice
One tool that’s caught the fancy of futurist minded financial advisors, and which promises to reshape the way you engage with your clients and your ability to demonstrate value to them is the introduction of mind maps in the financial advisory space.

A day in an IFA’s life in 2020
Here’s how Gajendra Kothari sees a typical day in the life of an IFA in 2020 – contrast it with where you are today and you have a roadmap of exactly what you need to do, to get future ready.

A platform that truly understands the Indian investor
Prudent has launched FundzBazar – a comprehensive online platform that truly understands the Indian investor, on the basis of which, it empowers Prudent channel partners to offer great service to their clients.

RBI’s move on aggregators is great news for financial advisors
A recent RBI draft guideline on unbundling of account aggregation is great news for financial advisors, who can now compete with bankers in terms of access to information, and at the same time move up the value chain to become truly comprehensive personal financial advisors.

DSS or DMS: which one do I really need?
Going paperless in a financial advisor’s office sounds like a great concept – especially given the mountain of papers you currently deal with. In deciding the appropriate technology to help you go paperless, there is one fundamental question you need to address: do you need a document storage system or a document management system.

CRM solutions: productivity boosters or just expensive toys?
What essential features must you look for, when evaluating CRM software in the market? How can you ensure that the CRM solution you wish to buy turns out to be a huge productivity booster and not just an expensive toy?

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