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Learning Links

Investing for your future
This is a wonderful Australian site - meant for investors. But advisors can get a number of tips here to help their clients - with budgeting, saving and investing.

Investopedia's tutorials - a good starting point
The Investopedia site is a wonderful storehouse of learning material on several financial concepts. The tutorials section in particular contains some very useful primers on basics of financial concepts, stocks, mutual funds, ratios, economics, economic indicators etc. A good starting point for somebody who needs a primer on any of these topics.

Money 101 - by CNN Money : a useful guide on basics of personal finances
A very useful guide on all the basics of personal finances - establishing goals, budgeting, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, retirement, asset allocation etc etc. You may be able to get some useful material here that can help you in your client interactions

The best books on financial planning
Check out some of the best books on financial planning : The Clipper Ship Strategy, The Truth About Money, The Four-Hour Workweek....

Free email course on basics of personal finance
This email course focuses on the basics of personal finance. It would cover: (1)Income Tax (2)Investments: Stocks, Mutual Funds, ULIPs, Gold, Real Estate, etc (3)Insurance: Term Insurance, Endowment Plans, ULIPs, etc (4)Loans: Home Loans, Auto / Car Loans, etc Each week, we would cover one of these topics, and in just 1 month, you would have a solid grasp on all the important aspects of personal finance!

Download NISM's MFD workbook & test material
NISM Series V - A : Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam - download the workbook, Test objectives and FAQs from this link

Simple financial and tax calculators
This site contains a wide array of simple and easy to use financial and tax calculators

A dose of alpha for your portfolio
When things move without a direction, back and forth, it can get frustrating for an active equity enthusiast. Nobody really knows for how long the consolidation could last, whether markets will break out or break down. How does one outperform the index and also protect capital?

A primer on annuities
Annuities provide you with a secured income after retirement for the rest of your life, but they have their disadvantages too

A primer on Equity Linked Debentures
One of the most popular types of structured products are equity-linked debentures (ELDs).It is an instrument that provides investors fixed income-like principal protection, together with an element of equity market upside. These schemes invest in short and medium-term debt instruments. Schemes may also choose to invest in derivative contracts. You profit with index-linked returns (one may get a part/or all of the market return) when markets go up, the returns are capped to a certain percentage. When the markets are stable, you can gain on index-linked returns, with no downside risk. When the markets are down, you do not lose your capital

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