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Five takeaways from US Fed review
The US Federal Reserve didn't surprise on Wednesday. Expect domestic financial markets to bake it in quickly and move on their own trajectory on Thursday. Dalal Street was depressed through Tuesday and Wednesday as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) went into a huddle for its rate-setting ritual. Asian markets were weak through Wednesday. US stocks remained flat.

Economic slowdown likely to worsen: Ambit
The government’s inability to train and educate its people, automation-led job losses, and demonetisation-induced closure of informal sector firms could seriously hurt India’s economic prospects, according to Ambit Research. The interplay of these and other factors could further accelerate the slowdown, it said in a report.

Global investors looking to add India stocks at every chance
One of the world’s best trades this year, going long on emerging-market equities, is even troubling the bulls after handing investors twice the return from developed-country stocks.

Nifty may not fall much but the broader market can
Dashing hopes of an earnings recovery next financial year, global brokerage Macquarie sees risks to any turnaround in earnings in FY19 and believes consumption is unlikely to be strong due to weak fiscal push and job growth. Macquarie sees earnings growth at 15 per cent next financial year against market estimates of 21 per cent.

Economists cut growth outlook for FY18, but rupee watchers bullish
The shock slowdown in India’s growth has economists rushing to cut their estimates for the end of the year. Their pessimism isn’t shared by currency strategists who are raising forecasts for the rupee.

FY19 to see harsher earnings cut
Despite a near 20 per cent rise in the markets in calendar year 2017 (CY17), Credit Suisse remains optimistic on the road ahead and sees no major downside, unless global cues disappoint. In its 'India Market Strategy' report released Wednesday, the global research and brokerage house expects domestic flows to remain robust thanks to improvement in financial savings and support the market on every correction. That said, Neelkanth Mishra, managing director, equity research at Credit Suisse does caution on more corporate earnings downgrades going ahead

In world of supposed bubbles, here's what investors fear most
From Alan Greenspan and the current Federal Reserve staff to fund managers hoarding cash, people feel queasy about asset prices. Euro high-yield debt is trading in line with US Treasuries for the first time ever. Tajikistan is selling Eurobonds as yields on the junkiest emerging markets drop below 6 percent. An exchange-traded fund for betting on low volatility has more than doubled in size this year. And let’s not get started on the bitcoin rally.

Black to white is the mega theme in India now
Talking to ET Now, Saurabh Mukherjea, Ambit Capital , says black to white and saving themes are going to be the next big thing for investors.

No plans to invest in India at current levels: Marc Faber
The flaring up of geopolitical tensions between North Korea and the United States has kept global investors on the edge in the past few weeks. MARC FABER, editor and publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report tells Puneet Wadhwa in an interview that the present situation might not blow up into a full-fledged war, but it will continue to remain tense. Investors should look to protect against losses, instead of eyeing huge returns right now, he advises

A disruptive ‘Patanjali’ moment awaits Indian pharma
There is a Patanjali moment underway in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that is likely hurting pharmaceutical companies and everyone linked to it.

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