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Make a great first impression with Abhenav's innovative kit
Think of the way banks come with their neat 3-in-1 account opening documentation kits – booklets that contain all the start-up documents to set up a new client’s bank account, demat account and broking account – all at once. Looks professional, doesn’t it?

Going digital? Check this out
The tried and tested model for innovation is to get either your existing team to create new products and solutions – like a vibrant, cutting-edge digital presence, or hire a team of bright young sparks with a mandate to think outside the box and come up with innovative and exciting new propositions. That’s old hat – new age innovation has embraced an exciting concept called open innovation – crowdsourcing innovation if you like – which gets great ideas from everywhere, and gets solutions on the table quick and cheap. Let’s take you through a great example of open innovation and then see how to apply these insights into a key aspect of your business – your quest to build a vibrant digital presence.

Burgers with fries and coke – now available in mutual funds
McDonalds may be having a spot of bother in parts of India, but its meal combo idea sure rocks – and has now found its way into the world of mutual funds. L&T Mutual Fund – the pioneer in the “multi-SIP” proposition, has taken a leaf out of the meal combo idea to make its multi-SIP a whole lot more appetizing for investors: welcome to the world of SIP combos!

Look at this picture closely and spot what’s odd about it
Margaret Majua founded a unique store in San Franscisco in 2008 called Lefty’s. It’s a store for left handed people. Over the years, Margaret and her team have been working with developers across a range of products to fill up this unique, innovative store, with everyday items that leftys will find a lot easier to use, as they are designed specifically for them.

Reforming the way we think about money
On the back of its huge success in serving affluent families (over 500 families with an AuM in excess of Rs.1200 crores), Mumbai based Amar Pandit’s MFA Consulting has created an exciting new start-up called Happyness Factory, led by P L Natarajan Iyer.

An exciting and clever new way to save
Spending is fun, and impulsive spending is a lot more fun. Saving in contrast is dull, boring stuff. A fintech startup is attempting to change this with an innovative new app that makes saving fun and engaging.

A unique platform by bankers, for bankers
We have seen many bankers turn into successful independent financial advisors over the years. We have seen bankers joining hands to build large independent practices too. But what is innovative about the story of MoneyGain, is that it has been set up by two successful banker-turned-IFAs as a platform for fellow banker-turned-IFAs and for bankers who wish to turn into IFAs. By bankers, for bankers, as it were.

A unique stock exchange – exclusively for kids
L&T Mutual Fund in collaboration with KidZania, an award winning Global theme park, has embarked upon another unique learning experience for kids on the theme of financial literacy, savings and investments.

Message in your lunch box
Local trains and the dabbawalla are the two lifelines for the middle class Mumbai office-goer. One gets him to office, the other reaches him his piping hot home food at lunch time. L&T MF carried out a unique investor education campaign by tying up with Mumbai’s dabbawallas – to reach out an important message to thousands of salaried Mumbaikars. Kailash takes us through this innovative, high impact initiative.

3 innovative ideas to motivate your team
Amit Bivalkar shares innovative team management ideas that Sapient Wealth has implemented to enhance team motivation and performance, and eliminate attrition challenges

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