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1800 new clients without spending a single rupee
In part 1 of this two part video interview with Vishranth Suresh, we discussed the genesis of Asset Plus and how the two tech buddies put together an investor-friendly app that's got a lot of new investors hooked within the first 10 months itself. In this part, Vishranth takes us through exactly how they acquired 1800 clients within 10 months - without spending a single rupee on marketing efforts.

1800 clients in the first 10 months
In this 2 part video interview with Vishranth Suresh, we bring you the incredible story of Asset Plus - an exciting new fintech startup, set up by two tech buddies with all of Rs.150,000 in self-funded capital. Asset Plus is off to a roaring start - acquiring over 1800 clients in its first 10 months, and looking good for a whole lot more.

Amit’s tryst with Bangkok – no, it’s not what you are thinking!
Why does Sapient Wealth’s Amit Bivalkar visit Bangkok so often? And that too, footing his own bill – not on any AMC junket. Before you let your mind run wild thinking of what he might be up to in Bangkok, let’s clarify – it’s not what you think!

Mahesh's new-age model is an eye opener for every IFA
23rd September 2017 was a red letter day for Mahesh Gattani, Balaji Investments, Amravati. He achieved a significant milestone of logging in 500 SIPs in a single day – and that too from the small town of Amravati. The feat is amazing no doubt, but what might offer rich lessons for IFAs is what went into making this happen, and the launchpad that he has created for many more such landmark achievements in the future.

Unique IFA proposition drives 9cr to 202cr AuM growth in just 4 years
One of the most effective marketing strategies – especially in the financial advisory space is niche marketing. We covered this in a recent Marketing Wiz article Big fish in small pond, where we proposed that its smarter for an IFA to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond. One of the examples we quoted there was Colonel Sanjeev Govila’s Hum Fauji Initiatives – a financial advisory firm by a fauji, exclusively for faujis.

Low cost – huge impact ideas from Siliguri’s leading IFA
Can IFAs ever think of half page ads in prominent newspapers and huge hoardings across their cities for several months in a year? Yes you can – if you imbibe these brilliant guerrilla marketing tactics that Prabin employs in Siliguri – strategies that have enabled him to double his business in the last 2 years

Vyana takes children education planning to the next level
Vyana Wealth has gone far beyond simple financial calculators to aid preparation of children education plans – Abhenav has used important insights from a couple of his personal experiences to redefine client engagement for child plans.

Abhishek’s client acquisition strategy gets him 80% conversion
He has a brand new start up IFA firm. No existing client base to simply transfer to his ARN. But he has a clear idea of who he was targeting and how his proposition is better than others. But, that’s not enough in today’s competitive world to meet prospects and win clients.

Help your clients unlock over Rs. 2,000 crores
Indian investors are saddled with over Rs. 2,000 crores in unclaimed dividends, physical shares not yet dematerialized, shares stuck in transmission – basically wealth that’s locked up in no-man’s land, waiting for somebody to go through the painful process of unlocking it through tedious paperwork and persistent follow-up.

Here’s how every IFA can “own” his territory to drive growth
Dhananjaya – Ultimate Wealth Managers' CMO – gives IFAs very useful tips on executing low cost high impact local marketing initiatives, aimed at “owning” your territory – a 5 km radius around your office. If you truly “own” your territory, you will never have a dearth of leads to drive new business growth.

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