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Step-by-step guide to create an automatic lead generator
In the previous article, Jigar introduced us to the power of e-books as a lead generating vehicle, and showed us how to create simple e-books ourselves. The real power comes in however when you link this e-book to an automated lead generator which will work for you 24X7, 365 days, generating leads each time someone downloads a copy of your e-book.

A great new way to generate a thousand leads
Jigar shares a bold new idea with which you can aim to generate a thousand leads – by creating your own e-book and giving it away free in return for contact details of the recipient.

Useful tips on social media content strategy for MFDs
Continuing his popular column on Wealth Forum called “The Guerrilla Advisor”, Jigar discusses useful tips for mutual fund distributors to consider when formulating their content strategy to effectively harness the power of social media to drive their business forward.

5 zero cost strategies to enhance your client base
Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, Ahmedabad, discusses 5 zero cost strategies that every IFA can employ to significantly widen his reach and attract prospective clients.

7 low cost marketing tools to get noticed by investors
Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, takes us through 7 low cost tools and techniques you can use to get noticed by prospective clients in a competitive world

Biggest reason why many advisors are doing less business
Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, addresses a key issue which comes in the way of success - the fear of rejection and handling rejection, when it comes your way. A guerrilla advisor finds smart ways of handling rejection and powering on to success, says Jigar, as he spells out exactly how.

7 habits of successful guerrilla advisors
Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, discusses 7 habits, 7 key traits that any IFA must embrace before he begins the journey towards becoming a successful Guerrilla Advisor.

Guerrilla Marketing for financial product distributors
Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, Ahmedabad introduces the concept of what Guerilla Marketing for financial advisors and distributors is all about, which sets the stage for future articles of The Guerilla Advisor column

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