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5 awesome marketing wizards
Kotak MF and WF presented the Marketing Wiz 2017 awards to 5 smart IFA firms that have showcased 5 diverse marketing skills to spur their business growth - 5 ideas that every IFA would do well to understand and imbibe from.

Please don't buy this fund
Why would a distributor put out a communication that boldly says, "Please don't buy this fund"? Check out what reverse marketing is all about and decide whether it makes sense for your firm.

Change your strategy: become big fish in small pond
Small fish in big pond or big fish in small pond? That’s the big dilemma facing most independent distribution firms as they confront growing competition in a rapidly expanding market. As mutual funds and capital markets become mainstream investment choices for Indian savers, there is a critical need for independent distributors to reassess their marketing and business strategy, if they are to make the most of the growth wave rather than getting swept aside by it.

The smartest way to sell goal based plans
One of the biggest challenges that financial advisors face is the issue of delayed gratification in a world obsessed with instant gratification. You can’t instantly touch and feel what you bought based on your financial advisor’s recommendations. In this scenario, it is difficult to sell the concept of a goal based financial plan and perhaps more difficult to get an investor to stay committed to the plan over several years

Don’t just blog; leverage “influencer marketing”
In the age of the internet and social media, the role of “influencer marketing” has undergone a significant change. Understanding and leveraging new-age influencer marketing strategies in the world of social media can help you generate far many more leads than you can perhaps even imagine.

Great insights for IFAs from a world famous cycle-wala
You would certainly have visited a cycle shop in your neighbourhood to buy a new cycle - either as a kid, or for your kid. A boring, commoditized business you would think. What can I, as an IFA, imbibe from a cycle-wala? Lots, if the cycle-wala in question is Chris Zane, who started as a humble 16 year old cycle-wala in his town – Branford, but whose marketing genius propelled him to become one of the world’s most famous cycle retailing businesses.

3 great marketing ideas to propel your business
3 great marketing ideas implemented by champion IFAs were recognized and awarded at the Marketing Wiz Awards 2016 event on 2nd July, 2016.

Great insights for financial advisors from an Indian florist
How do you take a product that is sold like a commodity in the unorganized market and make a premium proposition out of it? How do you then scale this premium proposition nationally, and compete effectively against a market that remains largely commoditized?

What IFAs can learn from Arvind Kejriwal
Opinions are sharply divided on Kejriwal’s brand of politics, and this column does not seek to either endorse or condemn it – but there is a lot we can learn for our business from at least one aspect of Kejriwal’s brand of politics

No, you are not selling a mutual fund
A cup of coffee for Rs. 140 or another one that costs Rs.25? Ask this question in this way, and no prizes for guessing what the answer will be. Coffee at Starbucks or coffee at New Udipi Bhavan? It’s the same question, but asked differently. You will in all probability find equal takers for both – even though you pay Rs.140 in one place and Rs.25 in another for a cup of coffee.

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