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500 families, 500 cr AuM. Eyes now set on 1000 cr.
A Chartered Accountant by education, Mukesh Gupta left behind a successful career with leading NDs to set up independent practice as an IFA in 2003. Over the last 14 years, Mukesh has built a very successful practice, serving over 500 families with a total AuM in excess of Rs. 500 crores (175 cr in mutual funds, over 100 cr in real estate and the rest spread across PMS, alternate investments, structured products, direct equity and tax free bonds).

Amit’s unique 3-D asset allocation model is an eye-opener
Amit Jain is a strong believer in processes for all aspects of his business – advice, client engagement and service. His processes are at the heart of his dependability – as they showcase to his clients all the four pillars of dependability: consistency, integrity, responsiveness and diligence. Little wonder that he has rapidly risen to become one of Jaipur’s leading IFAs, serving over 2000 clients, with an MF AuM in excess of Rs.180 crores.

What makes Ashwani “Mr.Dependable”?
Its not only the 100+ families who have entrusted him with over Rs.150 cr in MF AuM who find Ashwani “Mr.Dependable” – the country too depends on him to send the best chess players for international competitions and earn laurels for us.

Nothing flashy about this rapidly growing champion advisor
There is nothing flashy about Sajal Roy – but what underpins his success is a clear understanding that sticking to the basics and executing flawlessly time after time, without for a moment considering it monotonous, is what builds a solid practice in the financial advisory space, and is what makes you Mr. Dependable to your clients.

Atul’s “Less is More” approach has made him Mr.Dependable
In an era where acquiring more and more clients is what most advisors aspire for, Atul Surana stands out starkly different – he has opted to continually narrow his focus on the number of families he serves, and yet has grown his AuM consistently over the last decade.

What makes Ramanan “Mr.Dependable”?
B.Ramanan, Coimbatore, shares with us how the 4 pillars of dependability have helped him build a business that serves 200 families, with AuM in excess of Rs.60 crores. Ask him what he is most satisfied about, and you will get blown by his response.

Gaurav’s workshop 11 years ago showed me the way
Javahar KP, Bhopal, credits his advisory approach, which has brought him considerable success, to Gaurav Mashruwala’s workshop which he attended 11 years ago. Javahar picked up useful insights from there and diligently leveraged these learnings to build a business where he serves over 1650 clients with assets under advice of over Rs.100 crores across all financial assets

Walking the talk is what makes Rajesh Chheda “Mr.Dependable”
Rajesh Chheda of Finance Factory – one of Goa’s most successful and most respected advisors, shares his insights on what the 4 pillars of dependability mean to him. What comes through clearly from his thoughts is that it is his ability to “walk the talk” that really sets him apart and makes him a trust-worthy and dependable advisor to his clients.

What makes WiseInvest a “Dependable” firm to its 8500 clients?
Hemant Rustagi, WiseInvest Advisors, Mumbai, takes us through what it takes to instill the 4 pillars of dependability across a team of 40 members in 3 branches

What makes this one man army “Mr.Dependable”?
Sadashiv Phene is one of Mumbai’s most successful individual advisors. Few others in this profession would perhaps fit the description of “one man army” better than Sadashiv. He individually serves over 1000 families in Mumbai, covering over 3000 retail clients, and has built up an AuM of close to Rs.300 crores over 20 years in this profession. What makes Sadashiv “Mr. Dependable” to his 1000 clients?

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