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Right is Might
In a world which believes in the credo “Might Is Right”, two women entrepreneurs in the US decided to implement the teachings of Richard Wetherill’s seminal book “Right is Might” and went on to set up a very successful auto components business, which subsequently went on to become a global brand in its space. In this story lie valuable lessons for every entrepreneur – especially those in fiduciary businesses like financial advisory – on the power of the credo “Right is Might”.

57% employee turnover threatens business viability of this leader
Most large wealth management and distribution firms in India have one thing in common: high employee attrition. Some employees move on for better prospects, others move on to set up their own practices – often because they believe their firms’ policies are not always in their clients’ best interests. High employee turnover is a huge drag on any firm’s resources, and even as you spend a lot more money on recruiting and training new blood, you lose out on experienced hands guiding your clients – which in turn does disservice to your clients.

Check this out: Bachelor of Hamburgerology!
Consistency is a virtue that builds scale beyond what you can imagine. Check out the story of McDonald's Hamburger University to understand what goes into building consistency that begets scale.

Great lessons from a brand that became a verb and a hit movie
FedEx became a verb long before Google did. And FedEx starred as a key character in a hit Hollywood movie, without paying a single dollar for product placement. The story of FedEx is one of the best examples of consistency building a brand into a verb – and in this story lie valuable lessons for financial advisors in India.

4 words that guide you towards success
We are going to be talking here about core values. Core values can either become the foundation of successful businesses when you actually live by them, or can just be a collection of words put up in your office and in your marketing material to make your business sound good. Before we go into the 4 words which we believe can propel you towards success in the financial advisory business, let’s look at core values gone horribly wrong.

The single most important success driver for an advisor
In this article, we explore what we believe is the single most important success driver for an advisor. It’s a quality that everybody is keen to possess, yet many struggle to implement consistently. What are the pressures that make you compromise on this vital ingredient of success and how do successful advisors overcome the challenges that many others succumb to?

You can’t guarantee returns. Then, what can you guarantee?
In the market risk oriented products that you advise on, you cannot guarantee returns. So, what can you guarantee to earn the trust and confidence of your clients?

4 pillars of dependability
What does it take to be seen as Mr.Dependable and earn the trust of your clients? Here are the 4 pillars to become Mr.Dependable

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