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Insights – Indian Equity Markets
The Indian equity markets today are underpinned by strong macro -economic fundamentals, such as softening inflation, lowering interest rates, improving current account deficit (CAD), gradually rising foreign exchange reserves and a relatively stable domestic currency. In fact, the month o f September ’15 saw the MSCI India index emerge as the third best performing emerging market index . On the year to date basis too, India is the third best performing emerging market, only behind Hungary and Russia.

We are getting closer to the comfort zone on valuations
It is more about getting the stock right rather than sector, says CIO of Religare Invesco MF

From CIO’s Desk
Quick take following today’s volatility in the Equity Markets What we have said so far in the current calendar year!

Insights - India Fixed Income Market
In its latest monetary policy review, the RBI, as expected, reduced the repo rate by another 25 bps to 7.25%. The Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan summarized the policy as a Goldilocks’ Policy where monetary policy is neither overly conservative nor aggressive. As during previous policy rate cuts, the RBI’s decision has been influenced by the incoming macro-economic data and has strongly hinted that any further easing in interest rates will also be based on the same.

Economic Insights – 2nd Quarter Outlook from John Greenwood , Chief Economist – Invesco .
The marked divergence in the monetary stance of central banks in the US and the UK on the one hand and Japan and the Eurozone on the other has, as expected, increased volatility in the currency, fixed income and equity markets during Q1 2015, and will probably continue to do so through 2015.

Annual Economic Outlook for 2015
US GDP growth is returning to past norms of 3.0-3.5% thanks to the near-completion of balance sheet repair by the household and financial sectors. The UK is following the US, but with much less balance sheet repair accomplished, especially in the financial sector. Growth is not yet self-sustaining as in the US and remains vulnerable to the continuing problems of the Eurozone.

Quarterly Economic Outlook - Fourth quarter 2014
One symptom of the sub-par performance of the global economy – both developed and emerging – is the stagnation of world trade over the past three years. This has primarily reflected weak domestic demand in the US and Europe, but it has also had serious consequences for the export-led economies of the emerging world, particularly China.

Economic Insights: Scotland votes ‘No’ – what this means for the Scottish and UK economies
In light of Scotland’s ‘No’ vote to independence, John Greenwood explains why he sees this as positive news for the economies of Scotland and the UK.

Market Insights: Asian Insights - Q3 2014
Asian equities enjoyed a bull run in the second quarter, making it the best-performing region in the world year-to-date. The rally has been supported by a solid pick-up in macroeconomic fundamentals and increasing political visibility across the region.

Economic Insights : Quarterly Economic Outlook
After the unexpectedly sharp downturn of the US economy in 2014 Q1 due to severe winter weather, US growth has resumed a more normal trajectory, with the economy growing at a pace closer to its potential than we have seen for several years. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is on course to end its asset purchases by year-end, but rate hikes will probably not occur until mid-2015.

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