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Inspiring story of IFAs coming together for a new beginning
Rajesh narrates the story of 3 IFAs who thought much beyond the near term, and decided to come together even though none had any immediate catalyst to drive them in this direction. The thought process that drove key decisions on the merger is truly inspiring.

1266 distributors are actively using this platform
NSE’s NFM II platform has become very popular among 1266 distributors, who are executing around 5000 transactions per day on it. NSE’s Mukesh Agarwal takes us through the features and benefits as also the future plans for this platform that has clearly caught distributors attention.

A touching real life story, with very valuable lessons
Rajesh Krishnamoorthy takes us through practical examples of how the platform has partnered advisors on one aspect of practice which very few advisors pay enough attention to: continuity planning for their own practices

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