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Is Rs.6,000 just a teaser pricing for this platform?
There’s a lot going for OFA - the exciting, new age platform, but to be fair, there are some questions too that IFAs have in their minds about OFA. Bishnu Sahu addresses these issues and highlights OFA's key differentiators

Ping, Portfolio, Price, People: 4 Ps that IFAs love in this platform
We spoke with some of OFA’s early adopters to understand what they think about this proposition and what appeals most to them in OFA. What comes across is 4 Ps: ping, portfolio, price and people – that’s what these early adopters really like about OFA

NSE now in your pocket with this powerful new platform
How would you like to carry NSE’s mutual fund platform in your pocket – in a neat and simple mobile app, and complete all your clients’ fund transactions from wherever you are? How would you like it if this app can be white-labelled to enable you to encourage your clients to download “your” mobile app and authorize these transactions?

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