Advanced Wealth Management Course (IIBF) - Paper 4
Assess your knowledge of each chapter of this workbook by using Wealth Academy’s Quick ‘n’ Easy Guide.
Chapter 1:Part I: Ch 1: Introduction to Insurance and Its Fundamental Principles
Chapter 2:Part I: Ch 2: Insurance Organization, Structure and Functions
Chapter 3:Part I: Ch 3: Regulation and Legislation Applicable To Insurance
Chapter 4:Part I: Ch 4: Life Insurance and Its Practice in India
Chapter 5:Part I: Ch 5: Group Life Products
Chapter 6:Part I: Ch 6: Rural/Social Insurance
Chapter 7:Part I: Ch 7: General Insurance
Chapter 8:Part I: Ch 8: The Theory and Practice of Rating
Chapter 9:Part I: Ch 9: Fire Insurance
Chapter 10:Part I: Ch 10: Marine Insurance
Chapter 11:Part I: Ch 11: Motor Insurance
Chapter 12:Part I: Ch 12: Health Insurance
Chapter 13:Part I: Ch 13: Miscellaneous Insurance
Chapter 14:Part I: Ch 14: Liability Insurance
Chapter 15:Part II: Ch 1: Need for Retirement Planning
Chapter 16:Part II: Ch 2: Measuring Needs
Chapter 17:Part II: Ch 3: Pension Schemes in India
Chapter 18:Part II: Ch 4: Investing Your in India
Chapter 19:Part II: Ch 5: Taxation
Chapter 20:Part II: Ch 6: Conclusion