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Lovaii Navlakhi's BIG Idea
Think BIG introduces a new series, "My BIG Idea" where leading IFAs share through crisp videos, the one BIG idea that's propelled their firms' success and the one BIG idea they are working on to take their firms to the next level.

Vista's BIG Idea: T&T

Doubling their AuM every year for last 5 years
In the 5 years since its inception, FinEdge has doubled its AuM and revenue every year, and looks set to maintain, if not accelerate this pace going forward. With an AuM of Rs.200 crores, over 22,000 SIPs, over 40,000 clients from 500 locations across India, FinEdge has evolved from a refreshing start-up that challenges status quo, to a mainstream financial advisory firm that is redefining this business. And this, Harsh believes is only the start – as he sets his sights on 100,000 SIPs in the next 5 years

Bhavnagar boy races past Rs.200 cr AuM
33 year old Samir Vora’s Ocean Finvest is just over 2 years old, but has already made giant strides in the financial advisory space – not just in terms of business growth but also in building a robust, scalable business model. Starting from his home base of Bhavnagar, Samir has spread his wings with offices and teams in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Vadodara. He also has people in Rajkot and Surat and will soon be converting these into full fledged offices. Its just 2 years and 4 months since Ocean Finvest began operations in Nov 2014 – and it has already raced past Rs.200 cr in MF AuM (800 clients, 80 cr equity AuM, 75 cr debt AuM and 45 cr liquid AuM), with another Rs.375 crores in bonds and Rs.25 cr in equity PMS.

In just 2 years, she’s crossed Rs.100 cr AuM, eyes set on Rs.500 crs!
32 year old Mani Sharma is wise beyond her years – she clearly understands the essence of financial advisory relationships and is blazing an amazing success story backed by these insights.

First Saurashtra IFA to cross 200 cr MF AuM
Swadeshi took 13 years to reach the 100 cr MF AuM milestone 3 years ago. In the next 3 years, it doubled its MF AuM to 200 crs – at a time when direct, disclosures and online were worrying many of its peers. No HNI money, no NRI money, no corporate money – purely retail equity money from over 2500 families with over 25,000 folios.

100 cr AuM in a small town of 120,000 people!
28 year old Shivam is a man in a hurry – a tearing hurry. He operates from the small town Kashipur in Uttarakhand (population 120,000). But his achievements are BIG, and his ambitions are even bigger. He has raced to an amazing AuM of Rs.98 crores, and hopes to close this financial year around the Rs.150 crore mark.

IFA gathers Rs.175 cr AuM by serving a completely ignored retail segment
Deepak Sheth serves a retail segment that few distributors will ever want to engage with: policemen, municipal ward officers, autorichshaw drivers, bus drivers, small shopkeepers. There can be no better illustration of the saying “every drop makes an ocean” – 2500 families from this ignored retail segment collectively contribute to a huge Rs.175 cr AuM that his firm manages today.

Single IFA accounts for 20% of his city’s MF AuM
In a city of 350,000 people, with around 7000 mutual fund investors and a total MF AuM of Rs.450 crores, Amitbhai has emerged the undisputed leader, accounting for 20% of the city’s AuM. One out of every 3 MF investors in Junagadh are his clients. With an imminent entry into the coveted Rs.100 cr AuM club, Amitbhai’s success story underlines the fact that market size is no limitation for those who Think BIG.

Ranchi IFA aims for Rs. 10,000 crs AuM ND platform
Think BIG is all about encouraging and motivating IFAs to grow 10x – to grow exponentially and not incrementally. One IFA who embodies everything that Think BIG stands for, is Lallit Tripathi of Vedant Asset Advisors, Ranchi.

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