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BIG retail growth opportunity opens up today
There is a year-long marketing blitzkrieg that Reliance MF is unleashing to celebrate National Mutual Funds Day on the 7th of every month – starting from today. This presents a BIG opportunity for retail distributors to dovetail sales efforts to synchronize with the 7th of every month – when decibel level around mutual funds will be very high – and thus harness this marketing firepower to turbo charge your sales, scale up your business and collectively help expand the market.

The inspiring story of Anuradha and Sriram Subrahmanya
When you mention “desk top publishing”, probably the first image that comes to your mind is that little shop in your neighbourhood that designs the layout of your promotional material – your posters, brochures, flyers etc.

Bad experience translates to BIG business idea
Cred R is a name that is adapted from the Latin word credere – which stands for trust, credibility. It’s what Sumit Chhazed and his friends did not get when as college students, they bought a second hand bike. It broke down frequently soon after they bought it, and then the engine just packed up. They felt jipped. But that bad experience was the starting point of a BIG business idea that they hit upon

Online platforms discover new client acquisition vehicle
We bring you perspectives from two of India’s largest online investor platforms – ScripBox and FundsIndia – on how they intend leveraging Reliance MF's smarter savings proposition as a client acquisition vehicle

BIG platforms seize this 40 lakh crore market opportunity
Two of India’s biggest platforms – NJ India and Prudent have seized this opportunity with both hands and are optimistic about this proposition becoming a game changer for distributors and a big win for savers. Read on to understand how they read this market opportunity and how they are gearing up to harness it, and ask yourself whether you are gearing up likewise to tap this BIG opportunity.

The next BIG growth idea for IFAs
Each year, Himanshu Vyapak shares on the Think BIG platform, one BIG growth idea that can boost your business growth significantly. This year, his BIG idea is a solution that addresses a 26 lakh crore opportunity

An inspirational platform to fuel your growth aspirations
Himanshu Vyapak takes us through the journey of Think BIG - an idea sharing platform launched 3 years ago jointly by Reliance MF and Wealth Forum, and also the journey of the BIG ideas that have been shared each year on this platform. So, what's this year's BIG idea?

A quirky duo who made it BIG
To most Americans, Ben & Jerry’s stands for great ice cream. But to management students and entrepreneurs, Ben & Jerry’s is a truly inspirational story.

From a single “tawa” to a business worth Rs.4000 crore
This is the story of a local wafer business from Rajkot, Gujarat, who thought BIG, played to their strengths, adapted their game where change was needed, and won BIG, despite stiff competition from national and MNC players.

Creating a winning team with 40,000 rural women
From an “untouchable” labourer to a proud artisan – that’s a remarkable journey for women of the “chamar” caste to make in rural India. We hear of such exceptional stories from time to time – one person here, another one there. But what we are talking about is not just a few women, not even hundreds of them – but a full 40,000 women from 600 villages across 6 states.

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