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  SIP books of IFAs are at grave risk
SIPs are the biggest retail success story for the industry, having reached a monthly input value in excess of Rs.5600 crores. But I fear, unless AMFI corrects a glaring anomaly, the SIP story can be seriously endangered. I want to bring this to the attention of industry leaders, through Wealth Forum, so that a fair and equitable solution can be quickly implemented, in the best interests of investors, distributors and AMCs.

Do aur do paanch
We have earlier spoken about first moulding our own mindsets (
Stop making excuses, Mr. IFA) and then about team selection (To build a team, you need a big heart). Once the foundation is laid, the important thing is how to run the show and how to make the team a cohesive unit that pulls together in one direction rather than a collection of individuals, each doing his or her own thing. From my experience, it comes down to three Cs: Clarity, Consistency and Culture. Get these right and you can actually achieve “do aur do paanch” instead of “chaar”.

  To build a team, you need a big heart
Ashish Modani continues his article series on team building with words of wisdom on what to look for when hiring new RMs and how to nurture your new RM into a winning team member

Stop making excuses, Mr. IFA
For many growth hungry IFAs, the biggest bottleneck they see is creating and growing a team of salespersons/RMs to accelerate customer acquisition and seize business opportunities. Ashish Modani shares a very timely thought leading set of 3 articles, where he walks you through his own experiences in successfully creating and growing his team.

  This email helped my client and me immensely
Ashish Modani shares a recent email exchange with a client - an exchange which gives us rich perspectives on how to deal with client worries as markets scale new highs - not just in terms of what to say, but also how to put your point across

You should never invest in mutual funds
“You should never invest in mutual funds” – that’s exactly what I tell investors – and they love it! So I, a mutual fund distributor, am sharing this message with all my fellow distributors across the country – please go and tell your investors and prospects the same thing – “You should never invest in mutual funds”.

  Regulator is making one fatal assumption
Disclosure of absolute amounts of commission in account statements will only distract rather than aid informed investment decision making, and will push intermediation towards a fee based advisory route, which typically is viable only in the HNI segment

The 10-90 route to successful investing
Ashish Modani, SLA Financial Solutions, Jaipur, makes a very important point about what constitutes right selling. He articulates his 10-90 route to successful investing, which involves 10% advisor effort towards making a plan and suggesting good investments, and 90% effort towards avoiding pitfalls and actions that derail the plan.

  Try this 10-10-10 strategy to win new clients
Ashish Modani, SLA Financial Solutions, Jaipur, discusses his 10-10-10 strategy that has enabled him to ramp up new client acquisition, despite challenging market conditions.

What politicians can teach you about investment strategy
Ashish Modani, SLA Investment Centre, Jaipur, gives us a unique take on what politicians of today can teach us about investment strategy

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