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  6 tips to overcome IAP stage fear
Following his earlier 2 articles on the need for conducting IAPs as a growth strategy and the importance of delivering IAPs yourself, in this article Jigar covers how to overcome the biggest hurdle that prevents IFAs from conducting their own IAPs: stage fear.

How to deliver successful IAPs yourself
Jigar kick-started Saturday School’s Teach To Grow initiative with a very thought provoking piece Grow your business the Baba Ramdev way. Taking this idea forward, he now shares how to deliver successful IAPs on your own – without the need for an outside speaker to engage your clients.

  Grow your IFA business the Baba Ramdev way
One of the finest examples of Teach To Grow in India is Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali empire. Jigar Parekh says IAPs are for IFAs what yoga camps are for Patanjali.

Step-by-step guide to create an automatic lead generator
In the previous article, Jigar introduced us to the power of e-books as a lead generating vehicle, and showed us how to create simple e-books ourselves. The real power comes in however when you link this e-book to an automated lead generator which will work for you 24X7, 365 days, generating leads each time someone downloads a copy of your e-book.

  A great new way to generate a thousand leads
Jigar shares a bold new idea with which you can aim to generate a thousand leads – by creating your own e-book and giving it away free in return for contact details of the recipient.

Useful tips on social media content strategy for MFDs
Continuing his popular column on Wealth Forum called “The Guerrilla Advisor”, Jigar discusses useful tips for mutual fund distributors to consider when formulating their content strategy to effectively harness the power of social media to drive their business forward.

  5 powerful ideas to handle objections successfully
In the second of this two part article, Jigar Parekh shares 5 useful tips to enable you to handle objections effectively and thus boost sales productivity.

Cracking the toughest part of selling
In this two part article, Jigar Parekh takes us through how to successfully prepare for and then handle objections, and thus boost sales productivity

  Mr IFA: Stop reacting. Start responding.
In this hard hitting piece, Jigar Parekh, Prudent CAS, draws inspiration from the Darwanian theory of survival of the fittest to draw an important message for IFAs, many of whom are grappling with change that is being thrust on them by regulations and market forces

Dear IFAs, consider this perspective
The mood within distribution is not upbeat at the moment – to put it mildly. Service tax setbacks, new commission structures, volatile markets, increasing pressure from the growth of direct plans and confusion on RIA guidelines : there’s enough and more to fill the cup of woes. It is in times like this that a different perspective helps. It is in times like this that Jigar Parekh’s perspective is really useful.

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