imageMukesh DedhiaGhalla & Bhansali SecuritiesMumbai
  A trip to Lonavala
Mukesh Dedhia shares very valuable investor insights on risk management in a completely different and novel manner.

Think of equity as your 3rd child
Mukesh Dedhia’s firm Ghalla Bhansali offers a unique equity experience to its investors – one that encourages clients to get fully engaged in the equity investing experience. He advocates long term goal based SIPs and at the same time willingly discusses markets, technicals and trending small cap stocks with the same clients.

  All clients are risk averse - how are you managing risk for them?
Mukesh Dedhia of Ghalla & Bhansali Securities, Mumbai shares rich insights on managing risk in client portfolios

Creating wealth even when markets are flat
Mukesh Dedhia of Ghalla & Bhansali Securities, Mumbai shows us how to create wealth for clients even in flat markets