imageRajesh ChhedaFinance FactoryPanjim, Goa
  Real life case of Best PAD in action
You see a double-income earning professional couple in their 40s with zero debt and all their money in bank deposits, and the first thought that will strike you is, “they need equity!” That’s what their banker thought too, and talked to them about equity funds and showed them a returns track record of 20%+. Rather than exciting them, the sales pitch scared them off!

Walking the talk is what makes Rajesh Chheda “Mr.Dependable”
Rajesh Chheda of Finance Factory – one of Goa’s most successful and most respected advisors, shares his insights on what the 4 pillars of dependability mean to him. What comes through clearly from his thoughts is that it is his ability to “walk the talk” that really sets him apart and makes him a trust-worthy and dependable advisor to his clients.