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  Important message for all advisors
Raj Talati recently conducted an IFA workshop for VIFAA – Vadodara’s IFA Association, in which he played a 4 minute audio clip at the beginning of his session. In RJ Naved style, Raj highlights the responsibility that every IFA shoulders, of making their clients’ dreams and aspirations turn into a happy reality rather than a bad nightmare.

Are you in Club 99?
Raj Talati, ABM Investments, Vadodara shares a simple yet profound story on how we make ourselves unhappy by not knowing the difference between what we need vs what we desire

  2 useful stories to help clients invest wisely
Raj Talati, ABM Investments, Vadodara, shares two stories that help him get clients to imbibe two critical investing lessons

Clients will listen to us, provided we communicate differently
Clients will listen to us, provided we communicate with them differently, says Raj Talati of ABM Investment, Baroda