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  An investment strategy to make money in 2017
Mr. Bond believes 2017, with all the domestic and global headwinds we are seeing now, could be another roller coaster year – which means being nimble with algo based asset allocation strategies can help you buy low and sell high and make money even if the market behaves like it did in 2016.

SIP Karo, Mast Raho is poor advice
Getting clients to commit to long term SIPs is only the first part of an advisor’s job says Mr. Bond. As the SIP corpus grows, proactively protecting the accumulated wealth is equally if not more important. Your client may “Fill It – Shut It – Forget It”, but you cannot afford to forget your role of wealth protection, especially during times of extreme market valuations

  Let’s stop selling schemes & start selling solutions
Mr. Bond has been a vocal supporter of a valuation sensitive approach towards equity investing, and the use of products that embed such strategies. He takes this thought forward in this piece, with a strong focus on how to use such products as need based solutions for a variety of needs from wealth creation to preservation to income generation.

A whole new way of looking at debt funds
The recent JSPL episode was seen as an avoidable credit accident by most, but Mr. Bond argues that for new investors, there is perhaps a good buying opportunity in funds that are exposed to JSPL’s debt, at its current beaten down valuation

  Bounceback champion’s message to IFAs
Sunil Jhaveri takes us through our journey – the journey that all IFAs have traversed since 2009 (since regulatory focus sharpened on MF distribution). His message is simple: through all the regulatory change, markets have grown, the industry has grown and investor inflows have kept increasing. Those who focused on business, grew with their clients and with markets. Those who got distracted by worries over regulatory change, lost market share.

From hero to zero and back to hero
Sunil Jhaveri shares his inspirational journey from hero to zero and back to hero. His corporate advisory business ground to a sudden halt in 2013, with the advent of direct plans. From hero to zero overnight. To his immense credit, he reinvented himself, channelized his advisory competencies into newer market niches, and has today built up a revenue stream and industry credibility that far exceeds his earlier avatar.

  Mr. Nathan, you are misrepresenting distributors
Narendra Nathan of ET tweeted his view saying distributors may be a vanishing tribe, which follows an article he penned earlier, titled “MF distributors behaving like angry birds” Mr. Bond has taken strong exception to Mr. Nathan’s rather disparaging views of the distribution fraternity, and wrote this letter to Mr. Bodhisatva Ganguli, ET’s editor, to bring to his notice where this writer has erred, by coming to conclusions that are not really supported by facts.

Lull after self-created storm
Mr. Bond says we created a storm when Amtek happened. We saw that the end game finally did not justify the storm. Then we did it again with JSPL. The end game here too did not justify the storm. In the calm after these self-created storms, a look at investor outcomes is a sober reminder of whether proactive panic or wise restraint served our investors better.

  Accrual funds post JSPL and Amtek
Mr.Bond argues that accrual funds should be viewed exactly the same way we see midcap equity funds, while dynamic bond funds are akin to large cap equity funds. We should internalize that some bets in corporate bonds oriented accrual funds may go wrong, but they will nevertheless outperform dynamic and gilt funds in absolute returns terms over a market cycle.

Four effective equity investing strategies
When Uday Kotak recently remarked, “I have never heard any fund manager, at any point in time in the last 24 months, saying that this is not a good time to invest”, it touched a sensitive nerve among many distributors who are facing uncomfortable questions from increasingly worried investors

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