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  Which fund house is the 2017 growth champion?
WF presents the 2017 Mirror Report - find out which fund houses were the biggest growth champions of 2017

RIA regulations look like a New Year gift to MFDs
SEBI has delivered two unexpected googlies in its RIA consultative paper issued today – which, if my understanding is right, looks like a good New Year gift for MFDs. It effectively plugs all loopholes that would allow any intermediary – big or small – from operating a hybrid model of RIA and MFD. But more importantly, it seems to have left enough on the plate for MFDs to offer a reasonably client centric proposition – one which may not compel them to run towards the RIA model – unless they really want to.

  What’s your decision, Mr. SEBI Chairman?
Lets say you (my reader) are the SEBI Chairman for a day and the key issue in front of you today is a decision on a proposed new regulation that will impact what mutual fund distributors can and cannot do in terms of guiding investors.

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  SEBI’s new RIA proposals humiliate MFDs
SEBI’s latest RIA proposals announced yesterday finally recognize the importance of maintaining product suitability responsibilities with MFDs, but strangely conclude that they cannot offer incidental advice anyway – which violates clearly established IOSCO principles. Its latest salvo completely ignores all the recommendations of its own International Advisory Board. And the unkindest cut of all is a new fatwa that distributors must declare to their clients – at the time of executing every transaction – that they may not be acting in their clients’ best interests. This is plain defamatory and humiliating.

The best investment your clients can ever make
The 3rd edition of HDFC Charity Fund for Cancer Cure opens on 10th March - don't miss the opportunity of helping your clients invest for the best returns their money can possibly give - saving lives.

  BIG retail growth opportunity opens up today
There is a year-long marketing blitzkrieg that Reliance MF is unleashing to celebrate National Mutual Funds Day on the 7th of every month – starting from today. This presents a BIG opportunity for retail distributors to dovetail sales efforts to synchronize with the 7th of every month – when decibel level around mutual funds will be very high – and thus harness this marketing firepower to turbo charge your sales, scale up your business and collectively help expand the market.

Trail commissions are anti-investor
Trail commissions are anti-investor: that’s the conclusion that the Canadian regulator (CSA) has reached in its recent discussion paper where it calls for eliminating embedded commissions in mutual funds, to be substituted by a fee based model. CSA has made 3 points on why it believes trail is anti-investor – which bear careful reflection.

  Only 3 questions for Mr. U K Sinha
As SEBI’s Board gets ready to deliberate and approve the RIA regulations, we urge Mr. Sinha and SEBI’s Board to consider these 3 questions – answers to which may give them some sense of what could be the unintended consequences of the regulations, as currently proposed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fastest of them all?
We present the 3rd annual edition of our “Mirror Report”, which throws a spotlight on AuM growth of all fund houses for the calendar year gone by. This year, we also present a report card for 3 year growth – which covers the momentum period of 2014, 2015 and 2016 – three years in which industry AuM more than doubled from Rs. 8 lakh crores to just under Rs.17 lakh crores.

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