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  Lovaii Navlakhi's BIG Idea
Think BIG introduces a new series, "My BIG Idea" where leading IFAs share through crisp videos, the one BIG idea that's propelled their firms' success and the one BIG idea they are working on to take their firms to the next level.

Wise advice from India's ace financial planner
Lovaii Navlakhi walks down memory lane and shares with us his rich learnings over the years across 4 different aspects: markets, clients, regulations and competition.

  Annual cost : US$ 59. Value : Immense
One of India’s most successful and most recognised financial planners, Lovaii Navlakhi takes us through how he and less than 50 CFPs in India are benefiting tangibly from being FPA members, and why they unhesitatingly and readily pay the annual membership fee of US$ 59.

India's best financial planning firm
Lovaii Navlakhi of International Money Matters discusses what it takes to become India's best financial planning firm