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  Equity heavy portfolio post retirement : rash or wise?
Dhiraj Mittal – one of Delhi’s most successful advisors – challenges conventional retirement planning wisdom which calls for phased reduction of equity exposure as one nears retirement to enable steady income generation.

There is BIG potential for distributors in this customer segment
One of Northern India's fastest growing advisors, Dhiraj Mittal discusses how debt funds can help advisors and distributors gain wallet share in a large and growing customer segment - retired people who are looking for regular inflows as well as preservation of purchasing power of their capital. Dhiraj also argues that debt funds are perhaps a surer way to help your clients towards wealth creation and articulates the reasons for this assertion. While the distribution fraternity can certainly harness many such opportunities in diverse customer segments using debt funds, Dhiraj believes there are two critical things that AMCs must also do in this regard, for the industry as a whole to truly leverage the BIG untapped opportunity of debt funds.

  7 steps for AMCs to win distributor mindshare
Dhiraj Mittal of Prime Capital Services, Delhi, spells out 7 steps that AMCs should take to win distributor mindshare in a competitive market

3 success factors take him to 300 cr AuM
3 success factors take Dhiraj Mittal of Prime Capital Services, Delhi to a 300 cr AuM and lay the foundations for doubling this over the next 3 years