imageHemant RustagiWiseInvest AdvisorsMumbai
  Rich insights from Mumbai’s champion IFA
WiseInvest serves over 10,000 investors from over 3,000 families with a collective AuM in excess of Rs.900 crores (Rs. 760 cr in MFs and the rest in bonds), and does this with a team of 55 people across two offices in Mumbai. What sets WiseInvest apart is not just the size – but the proficiency with which they are managing scale.

What makes WiseInvest a “Dependable” firm to its 8500 clients?
Hemant Rustagi, WiseInvest Advisors, Mumbai, takes us through what it takes to instill the 4 pillars of dependability across a team of 40 members in 3 branches

  A great alternative to 5 year bank FDs
Hemant Rustagi - one of Mumbai's largest and fastest growing advisors, and among the most high profile advisors in the media circuit - shares with us what he sees as a BIG opportunity for advisors. He strongly believes that any investor who parks money in 5 year long term FDs must seriously consider MIPs. But, the crucial aspect is the way in which advisors position this product. Read on as Hemant shares his insights on how NOT to position MIPs and how to correctly position them, if you really want to tap into the BIG opportunity that awaits you.