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  Keep taking singles, but go for that occasional six too!
Last week, we discussed Ralph Wanger's winning investment approach (
The story of a zebra among lions). Major Ashish Chadha - one if India's most successful advisors - discusses his take on Wanger's approach, and how he blends caution and aggression to deliver a great client investing experience.

The simplest way to pitch retail debt funds
Ashish Chadha, one of northern India's most successful advisors, and one who effortlessly straddles all customer segments from retail to super HNIs, has a very simple answer to the big question of how to effectively pitch retail debt funds to investors. His response - never focus on pitching the product, because clients don't buy products, they buy us! If you are doing the right things for your clients and have won their trust, clients will go with your recommendations - period. Ashish shares his practical and very wise insights on four key product segments within retail debt funds which he actively recommends to his clients.