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  Major money making opportunity in this segment
Pratik’s call of a Sensex bottom for 2016 at 22,300 came good in March 2016. Is this bottom now going to be threatened in the ongoing correction? Not likely, according to Pratik, who believes the Sensex will take support around the 25,000 levels and will move on to the 35,000 – 40,000 levels over the next 2 years. But, that’s not where the major money making opportunity lies, in his view.

Sensex and dollar targets achieved. What next?
In Jan 2016, Pratik Vasa called for a Sensex low at 22,300 and USD high around 70. On Budget day, Sensex and USD came very close to these levels, and turned. Pratik says the bottom for the Sensex for 2016 has been made

  Market forecast: an independent expert view
Was the big sell off yesterday a panic bottom or an ominous sign of more to come? Pratik Vasa – technical analyst and portfolio manager – believes it is a good time to buy now. He pegs the worst case for this correction at a Sensex level of 22,300 – that’s 7% below the current level of 24,000

Here’s how to make money in this equity market
In the 1 year run up to Mr.Modi’s election, the Sensex jumped up over 25%. In the one year after he took charge, the Sensex has remained flat – delivering less than 3% return. With the market correction deepening, investors who bought into the market post election results are now seeing their investments in the red. What’s in store for markets now and how can one make money in this market? We turned to young Pratik Vasa for his independent views.

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Pratik Vasa, Mumbai showcases the futility of Sensex gazing and discusses strategies to actually make money in this market

He's got 7 out of 8 calls right. What's his view now?
Pratik Vasa, Mumbai has got 7 out of 8 calls right. What's his view on markets, sectors and the rupee now?

  Big move in the dollar will impact all asset classes
A big move in the dollar will impact all asset classes, foecasts Pratik Vasa, Mumbai, a budding young technical analyst