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  Make a great first impression with Abhenav's innovative kit
Think of the way banks come with their neat 3-in-1 account opening documentation kits – booklets that contain all the start-up documents to set up a new client’s bank account, demat account and broking account – all at once. Looks professional, doesn’t it?

This is where the real churn is happening
Abhenav Khettry of Vyana Wealth, Kolkata, has put together a fascinating list of M&A activity in India’s asset management industry over the last 20 years. He has painstakingly chronicled every single takeover, every stake sale and every closure of firms in the AMC world since 1998.

  Vyana takes children education planning to the next level
Vyana Wealth has gone far beyond simple financial calculators to aid preparation of children education plans – Abhenav has used important insights from a couple of his personal experiences to redefine client engagement for child plans.

Sensible solution for risk averse retired investors
Advisors would like retired investors to move out of bank deposits and into a range of hybrid funds with SWPs set up for regular cash flow. Abhenav Khettry believes that though this makes logical sense, risk averse retired investors may find market volatility too hot to handle, especially if it strikes soon after commencement of the plan.

  Hollywood movie inspired my diversification thrust
Abhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata, discusses how a quip by the protagonist in a Hollywood movie led him to develop an equity investing strategy that clients are actually looking out for

2 smart decisions and 2 not-so-smart ones
Abhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata shares candid thoughts on his 2 smart decisions that powered the success of his firm as well as 2 not-so-smart decisions that he rues

  Smart marketing has got him 1300 retail clients
Abhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata shares some of the smart and innovative marketing strategies he has effectively used to rapidly scale up his retail business to over 1300 clients, and draws three important insights for you to consider

No Funny Business - is great for business!
Abhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata conducted his first Investor Round Table called "No Funny Business" - which is turning out to be great for business!

  Create a new business vertical with bonds
Create a new business vertical with bonds, suggests Abhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata

At 26, he's achieved what many take a lifetime
At 26, Abhenav Khettry of Vyana Wealth, Kolkata has achieved what many take a lifetime to put together