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  Financial Freedom Formula
Check out the Formula for achieving Financial Freedom as ace advisors Dhruv Mehta, Yogesh Sharma and Dinesh Khemlani join Harsha Upadhyay as they discuss strategies to save, invest and grow at a panel discussion during Kotak MF’s recently concluded SIP Day.

Our aim is to make every IFA into an EFA
The Chairman of any dynamic organization takes on the mantle of articulating the vision and mission of the entity, and then galvanizes the team to work purposefully towards achieving them. His job is to sense when to change gears and steer the organization towards newer goals that become relevant at different points in time. In Dhruv Mehta, FIFA clearly has a Chairman who knows this and who is delivering very capably on these expectations.

  We need evidence based, not perception based regulations
FIFA, which now represents IFAs from 120 cities across India, is gearing up to engage with the regulator on its proposed consultation paper on the RIA regulations – a paper which will likely have a far reaching impact on business models across MF distribution, including IFAs. Dhruv believes it is time we move away from a perception based regulatory environment to an evidence based one – where rules are made and changed based on clear evidence of the need for change, not merely a perception of a need for change.

Wise Advice from India’s most prominent IFA
Dhruv Mehta, in his capacity as FIFA’s Chairman, is today the most visible face of the IFA fraternity across all stakeholders. He champions the cause of the IFA at every forum in his very articulate and logical manner. But, beyond being the champion spokesperson for the Indian IFA, he is also one of the most successful IFAs in the country, with rich experience in managing the wealth of affluent investors through multiple market cycles.

  Finally, a truly united response to SEBI on commission disclosure
The United Forum – which comprises 32 IFA associations along with FIAI – which represents the interests of national distributors and banks – together submitted a comprehensive, well researched and well articulated response to AMFI on SEBI’s circular on commission disclosures

Let’s tackle the core of our regulatory woes
Dhruv Mehta believes that trust deficit lies at the core of all our regulatory woes. We live in an environment where the regulator does not trust distributors or fund houses to do what is right for investors. Such an environment is not conducive either for market development or investor protection. We need to tackle the core of the issue – which is trust deficit – rather than individual circulars.

  Give your inputs to the Government on commissions – NOW!
The Central Government has formed a committee to take a holistic view of incentive structures across all financial products and come up with suggestions that minimize regulatory arbitrage, reduce mis-selling and rationalize incentive structures across all financial products. From the mutual fund industry, FIFA and AMFI have been invited by this committee to present their views.

The best advice you can give your clients now
Dhruv Mehta, FIFA, shares Nick Murray's 10 core beliefs of investing, which collectively represent perhaps the best advice you can give your clients now

  Investment opportunity is the primary driver for us, not just currency
In the inaugural article of Think Global : Advisor Perspectives, Dhruv Mehta, one of India's leading IFAs and Chairman of FIFA shares with us his perspectives on why he strongly believes in global diversification of client portfolios, and the opportunities and challenges in helping investors embrace this concept as part of their investing strategy.

2 good ways to deal with the forthcoming change
Dhruv Mehta, Chairman - FIFA, shares 2 good ways in which IFAs can deal with change that's coming their way in Jan 2013

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