imageRoopa VenkatakrishnanFounder - Director FIFAMumbai
  Making women financially independent
Its only fear of the unknown that keeps Indian women away from the world of investing, although they are already ace savers. Take away that fear through education, and they become ace investors, riding market volatility better than men, say ace advisors Roopa Venkatakrishnan and Sujata Kabraji as they discuss with Lakshmi Iyer their own experiences in making women financially independent with SIPs at Kotak MF’s recently concluded SIP Day.

For me, Roopa is my “Lakshmi”
FIFA’s annual conference had many very insightful segments – one of which focused on the need to build truly win-win partnerships that lay strong foundations for business success for IFAs. One of the most important partnerships in this context is the one between the advisor and the investor. There can be no better example of this partnership than the video testimonial that Roopa Venkatakrishnan’s client for over 15 years recorded for this event – a testimonial where he calls Roopa his family’s Lakshmi.

  Sumit Bose report: the whole basis is flawed
FIFA's position on the Sumit Bose report is that the whole basis is flawed as its approach towards distributor incentives is hopelessly uni-dimensional, in that it looks at the issue only from the angle of mis-selling.

Key success mantra : CONVICTION
Roopa Venkatakrishnan, Mumbai, shares the secrets of her success - which can be summed up in one word : CONVICTION