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  Practical insights from an ace advisor
Advisors are confronted with several issues when advising clients on equity investing. Surya Bhatia, who heads one of India’s fastest growing and largest IFA firms, offers practical insights on key issues that advisors face in equity advising.

There is a big gap in offshore feeder fund product offerings
Surya Bhatia, Asset Managers, Delhi, says that there is a big gap in the suite of offshore feeder funds that are currently available in our market, which fund houses would do well to plug. Surya - one of Northern India’s most successful advisors, worries whether investors are considering global funds now for the right reasons, or perhaps the wrong reasons. He believes advisors have a crucial role to play in ensuring that their clients invest globally for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. Read on as Surya explains the 4 key points he urges advisors to help clients with, to ensure that they invest successfully in global markets.

  We have a USP which banks can't offer

We have a USP which banks can't offer, says Surya Bhatia of Assets Managers, Delhi