imageRamesh Chand Maloo Jaipur
  Open letter to all fellow distributors and advisors
Ramesh Maloo shares his thoughts on the new commission disclosure circular, and asks for distributors to think rationally and come together to raise their voice against this, not in the usual manner that has been tried unsuccessfully in the past, but in a manner that gets the point across.

Dear AMCs, please stop this leakage NOW
Even as all stakeholders remain focused on adding more SIPs each day, Ramesh Maloo, Jaipur, says its time to also put a spotlight on the leakages that are causing investors to move away from SIPs

  Open letter to AMCs
Ramesh Chand Maloo, winner of the Wealth Forum Distributor of the Year 2015 – North Non Metros Award, is concerned about sales practices he has seen involving direct plans, which lead him to believe that AMCs are perhaps sacrificing investor interest, in their eagerness to push sales.

Great story to help clients understand that safe is not always smart
Ramesh Maloo – one of Rajasthan’s leading IFAs, shares a great story with us that showcases how we can help investors understand why choosing the safety of fixed deposits over the volatility of equity is harmful for their financial futures.