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  Who says equity is risky?
One of the biggest myths around investments is that equity is risky and only debt is safe. This one myth prevents millions of savers from becoming successful investors. This one myth comes in the way of our industry becoming 10 times larger than it is. And this is one myth that all of us have a responsibility to bust effectively whenever we engage with investors, through any medium.

Why can’t we admit the truth for once?
The issue of commissions causing conflict of interest and the regulator’s continuous efforts to tinker with regulations around this, is now 8 years old. Bagariaji says its time for us to first admit the truth – that there does exist a conflict of interest situation. He shares a very interesting perspective on the actual source of this conflict of interest, and from there, leads to an alternative solution that can potentially address the conflict of interest issue while protecting business viability of distributors

  Time for commissions to be regulated
Bagariaji identifies two core issues that are causing repeated regulatory upheavals for distributors and suggests what some may see as radical measures to effectively address these core issues as well as preserve business viability of distribution models.

Solution for commission disclosure and competition with direct
Bagaria ji offers a proposal that can serve as a solution for commission disclosures as well as promote healthy competition between direct and distribution, in the form of a modified version of the present two TER system

  Are we creating informed investors or confused investors?
Bagaria ji argues that many of our actions in the industry – between fund houses and distributors – actually create confused investors and not informed investors. It is only when responsible advisors create informed investors, that this situation can be rectified

The real problem with equity funds lies in the way we deliver them
The real problem with equity funds lies in the way we deliver them, observes S K Bagaria, Kolkata

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