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  Amit’s tryst with Bangkok – no, it’s not what you are thinking!
Why does Sapient Wealth’s Amit Bivalkar visit Bangkok so often? And that too, footing his own bill – not on any AMC junket. Before you let your mind run wild thinking of what he might be up to in Bangkok, let’s clarify – it’s not what you think!

From 40 crs to 1400 crs in just 8 years - Sapient's Tarakki story
Amit Bivalkar shares rich insights on Sapient Wealth's remarkable growth story - from how the humble FMP became a big growth driver, to smart ideas like automated referral programs that generate continuous leads, to marketing initiatives that drive the retai business and intelligent use of technology to build scale

  3 innovative ideas to motivate your team
Amit Bivalkar shares innovative team management ideas that Sapient Wealth has implemented to enhance team motivation and performance, and eliminate attrition challenges

Is our resilience costing us our business?
Unlike other financial intermediaries, Amit Bivalkar says MF distributors have been resilient in the face of huge challenges and have successfully helped the fund industry grow to its present level – a level which now seems good enough for the regulator to think of dispensing with distributors in favour of direct. What would have happened if the IFA channel was not as resilient as it has made itself? “Is our resilience costing us our business”, Amit asks.

  From 50 cr to 630 cr in just 4 years
From 50 cr to 630 cr in just 4 years - Amit Bivalkar shares the amazing growth story of Sapient Wealth Advisors, Pune