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  Low cost – huge impact ideas from Siliguri’s leading IFA
Can IFAs ever think of half page ads in prominent newspapers and huge hoardings across their cities for several months in a year? Yes you can – if you imbibe these brilliant guerrilla marketing tactics that Prabin employs in Siliguri – strategies that have enabled him to double his business in the last 2 years

1000 SIPs in Siliguri, and this is just his beginning!
36 year old Prabin Agarwal’s story is truly inspirational. Hailing from a small village called Rajganj, Prabin landed in Siliguri with no contacts, no friends, no clients – only a dream to make it BIG. He used smart and unconventional ways to build a brand around himself, in the process, winning the trust of hundreds of families in a market that remains badly shaken by chit fund scams