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  Indian IFA smashes world record!
Pramod Saraf, Swan Finance, Indore takes us through a fascinating story of how he put together a 700 strong team that is now the proud holder of a Guinness World Record.

Use liquid funds as your opening batsman
Pramod Saraf, one of the largest IFAs in central India, is an avid believer in debt funds for retail clients. He has seen significant business momentum even through stock market volatility, thanks to his focus on the retail debt segment. Pramod shares with us the strategy he adopts for positioning three retail debt categories he firmly believes in for retail investors - liquid funds, short term plans and MIPs. Read on to understand how and why Pramod has made liquid funds his opening batsman, when dealing with new clients.

  I quit from my own firm and started from zero
Pramod Saraf of Swan Finance, Indore quit his own firm and started out from zero again - check out his visionary new strategy

Winning is about doing things differently

Winning is about doing things differently, as Pramod Saraf of Swan Finance, Indore demonstrates so well